From the Stadium to the Field: Bluefield College Starts a Marching Band

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From the Stadium to the Field: Bluefield College Starts a Marching Band
Dr. Andy Necessary to lead Bluefield College’s first ever marching band, the Bluefield College Ram Band.

The Rams football games are going to be even more exciting with the addition of a marching band in fall 2019. Dr. Andy Necessary will return to Bluefield College to direct the school’s Bluefield College Ram Band.

“I am encouraged about this opportunity at Bluefield College,” says Dr. Necessary, “I have had the honor of working with BC students in the past, and I look forward to exciting new beginnings with the marching band. With hundreds of guests at Mitchell Stadium on Saturdays, this will be an excellent opportunity to showcase the musically talented students we have.” 

Dr. Necessary is no stranger to Bluefield College. He has served as faculty and adjunct faculty in the music department for several years. His expertise in the music field and familiarity with the college will be extremely helpful when leading the first ever marching band.

“Dr. Necessary started the instrumental program before I came here. He’s been teaching adjunct for us for many years and he is from this area, too.” says Dr. Charles Priest, Music Department Chair and Director of Instrumental Studies. “He is the perfect person to do this.”

This is a historic mark for Bluefield and symbolizes the rhythm of change and innovation the college has seen in the past decade. The marching band will attract more students to Bluefield College in its first year, which builds on the college’s enrollment growth momentum seen lately. Recently, the college announced record-breaking enrollment numbers for a second straight year.

“The long-term goal was always to have a marching band, but we needed enrollment to start that.” says Dr. Priest, “Our goal is to have Dr. Necessary recruit students for the marching band and direct them.”

For the students, this is not only a learning experience, but also an opportunity for career growth as they get experience with the marching band structure. There are also scholarship opportunities for students in the Bluefield College Ram Band.  

Students interested in the marching band or studying in the music department at Bluefield College should visit or contact Dr. Charles Priest at 276.326.4234.

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