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Fans Invited to Adopt a Ram Football Player

Just days remain before Bluefield College kicks off its 2012 football season -- the school’s first in more than 70 years. Alumni and community involvement in the revival of the sport on the BC campus has been tremendous to date, but now BC leaders are calling on fans to get even more involved and in a much more intimate and rewarding way.

Chris Shoemaker

August 18, 2012

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Through a new Adopt-a-Ram program, fans are invited to become a part of the BC football family and not by simply attending a game or cheering on the Rams, but by joining the inner circle of the team. By adopting a Ram, alumni and friends are connected directly to individual players on the football squad where they will be given the opportunity to build not only a program, but also the student-athletes who make up the team.


“Strong athletic programs are built from within, but the strongest have external support of alumni, friends and the community,” said BC’s Ruth Blankenship, vice president for advancement. “This support includes financial gifts, but it can also be about building young men of character by being a mentor, friend or ‘second family.’ By participating in the Adopt-a-Ram program, fans can help our ‘young’ Rams become winners not only on the field, but also in the classroom and in life.”

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Participants of the Adopt-a-Ram program receive personal information about their adopted player, along with numerous opportunities to meet their player during the season, including a special reception for players, coaches, Rams Football Boosters, and Adopt-a-Ram members.


Beyond the personal relationships and the individual connections and care, the Adopt-a-Ram project brings vital financial support to the BC football program. Fans who participate in Adopt-a-Ram with not just their time and service, but also their financial support become members of the Rams Football Booster Club, a key financial arm of the football program that provides funds for scholarships, team uniforms, equipment, travel and other expenses.


Adopt-a-Ram participants may adopt one or more football players, depending on their giving level, which can range from as little as $25 to as much as $5,000 or more. In addition to the satisfaction of personally mentoring BC student-athletes, club benefits include Rams football apparel, season tickets, and invitations to exclusive football gatherings.


“We are looking for people who care about sports and who have a passion for football and for promoting student success through the college’s football program,” said Blankenship. “Fans who take part in the Adopt-a-Ram program will not only enjoy the thrills of the gridiron, but also the joy of knowing they are providing individualized care to the players and financial support for the entire football program.”


The highest level of support in the Adopt-a-Ram program is the Founders level. Fans who give $5,000 or more are connected with a member of the BC football team each season for life. Founders also receive an inaugural Rams football jersey, a set of lifetime football season tickets for all home games, and admission to the Football Boosters Club hospitality room at all home games.


Fans who contribute $800 to $4,999 in a given year are assigned to the Coaches club and are connected to two Rams during a single season. Coaches also get a Rams Football Booster shirt, two season tickets for all home games, and admission to the Football Boosters Club hospitality room at all home games


Fans who give $500 to $799 in a given year are deemed Lettermen and are connected to one Ram player during a single season. Lettermen also receive one season ticket and admission to the Football Boosters Club hospitality room at all home games.


The final level of support in the Adopt-a-Ram program is the Special Teams level. Fans who contribute gifts from $25 to $499 are assigned to the Special Teams club and connected with a BC Ram for a single season.


“It takes support from all levels to make a team a success, and gifts of all sizes help lead to victory,” said Blankenship. “Fans who join the Adopt-a-Ram program at any giving level will have the pride of knowing they are a part of the team and a part of making history supporting the return of football at Bluefield College.”


For more information about the Rams Football Booster Club or to become a part of the BC football family through the Adopt-a-Ram program, please contact Blankenship by e-mail at or by phone at 276-326-4556, or visit the Bluefield College web site at




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