Emily Sears' Time As SGA President Draws To a Close

By Jacqueline Puglisi | April 13, 2011 | RSS

Though she has now stepped down as SGA president, Emily Sears has spent the last year giving her time and patience to create a positive environment for the organization and the college.

Former SGA president, Emily Sears.


Junior Bethany Liddle became BC’s new SGA president on March 31 following a vote at the March 30 convocation. Freshman Jahlisa Harvey won the race for vice president.


While most SGA presidents have been seniors, Sears is a junior at Bluefield College. Before being elected president last spring, she served as a senator her freshman and sophomore years. As a senator she helped come up with ideas during meetings and shared the concerns of the student body.


Once she began her term as president, Sears added a new list of responsibilities to an already busy schedule. As president she was required to attend trustee meetings twice a year and attend trustee dinners and committee meetings such as the new dorm committee and honor code committee.


Every other Monday, Sears met with the SGA team of Kiara Williams (Vice President), Amber MacDonald (Secretary), Bethany Liddle (Treasurer) and 12 senator representatives for each class to discuss and vote on issues concerning BC. In SGA, everyone works together to make decisions and all input is important to the group. Though Sears was president, the team could decide against an idea she might have, but she had the option to bring an idea to the student body for a vote if it was something she felt very strongly about. 


Sears said she enjoyed interacting with the faculty and seeing the concern they have for the students and campus. Often she would be approached by faculty members to see how the campus is doing.


During her time as president Sears helped introduce new events to campus, including last spring’s “Rock the Dome,” which was a battle of the bands event. One of the events Sears said she is most proud of was the “Catch a Falling Star” program held around Christmas time. SGA teamed with the Bonner Program to provide Christmas presents for children who have one or two incarcerated parents. A large crowd of students came to the SAC to help wrap gifts for these children of less fortunate families.


“My goal was to unify the campus,” Sears said.


To see many different groups come out to help wrap presents was a proud and rewarding moment for Sears.


Sears said she has loved her time as SGA president.


“I can honestly say that being SGA president has been my favorite thing at Bluefield College, and I’m involved in everything,” she said. “It is such an awesome opportunity to serve the student body but also to lead and to be an example on campus.”


Sears’ main goal as president was to create a positive environment and experience for everyone involved in SGA and to counteract any negativity. She feels that has been accomplished during her time as president. She wants to see people excited to run for office and be involved in SGA.


“I really hope it will stay a positive organization,” Sears said. “It is hard to stay positive when you hear so many complaints and you hear so much of the bad side of things. I hope that we will continue to be able to absorb that negativity and do something positive. I hope students will always be able to come to us and know that we are there.”


Though Sears would have been allowed to run for another term as president, she decided not to due to student-teaching responsibilities during her senior year.


Sears said she felt her time as president passed by quickly. Her advice to Bethany Liddle as the new SGA president is to stay positive, smile a lot and be happy.


“The hard work that you put in, you will see the rewards for it,” Sears said.