Elevate, a Baptist Collegiate Ministry sponsored worship service, brings BC students together to worship God.


By Bonnie Blackburn | March 4, 2011 | RSS

You never know what is going to happen at Elevate.


At some meetings, there is a speaker, like psychology professor Bob Boozer, Christian studies professor Shawn White, or David Taylor, vice president for student development and executive director for faith formation and church relations.


Sometimes Elevate consists of games and fellowship and worship. Other times, it could be prayer groups and worship. Sometimes, missionaries are invited to speak. But whatever Elevate offers, worship is the main ingredient.

Led by students at Bluefield College, Elevate is a worship service offered to students on the first and third Tuesdays nights of each month at seven in the Annex. The Baptist Collegiate Ministries started Elevate last year, and since then, Elevate has grown and more students are involved, coming together to connect with fellow Christians, to share prayer requests, and to worship God.


Students can become involved with Elevate by getti

ng involved with Baptist Collegiate Ministries.


“I love how you can never predict what's going to happen at Elevate,” said Jackie Boyer, a member of Baptist Collegiate Ministries. “One time, our speaker didn't show up and we had to make do and it ended up being one of the best "God moments" at Elevate!”

Cary Carpenter is in charge of getting the music together every meeting with the help of Drew Hinton, Kristin Slade, Becca Almazar, and Grant Thomas.


“I really like the worship time, and how we, as students and peers, can come together and just fellowship and be with God,” said Carpenter, a sophomore at Bluefield College.