Duremdes Christian Emphasis Week
Over 150 decisions for Christ were made at Bluefield College's 2010 Duremdes Christian Emphasis Week.

Duremdes Christian Emphasis Week

By Lydia Freeman | October 19, 2010 | RSS

Over 150 decisions for Christ were made at Bluefield College's 2010 Duremdes Christian Emphasis Week.  


The keynote speaker was Tony Nolan, and through humor and his Biblical insight, he had an unbelievable impact on BC students.


Nolan opened on Wednesday by telling students to turn to each other and say, “God loves what you're lookin' at baby.”


But Nolan soon turned to a more serious note. His scripture verse was from John 10:10, which speaks of the devil as a thief who has come to steal, kill and destroy. Nolan compared Satan and Jesus as the “hurt-dealer” and the “hurt-healer.”


“There are an unbelievable number of people in our lives who are not okay on the inside because the Devil is hurting them,” said Nolan. “Their lives are so jacked up because there's a hurt-dealer. We're bent out of shape – withering.”


Nolan used his own past as an effective tool to reach students. He told the story of how his mother was a homeless prostitute. He was born in a mental institution and then placed into an abusive foster care situation. When he was three, he was purchased for two hundred dollars and adopted. The neighborhood he grew up in was dangerous. His adopted father told him he did not even know why he bought him. He turned to drugs and became suicidal.


“I grew up fearful,” said Nolan. “And fear has a way of extracting joy. But in the midnight of my life a ray of light shone through and broke my darkness.”


A Christian told him about Jesus. “He told me that Jesus came that I might have life and have it more abundantly,” said Nolan. “God came for the sinner. He came to rescue sinners. It's not about a spiritually elite God-club.”


Using this story, Nolan went on to share the steps to becoming a Christian. He used an illustration of how God desired to paint his masterpiece on the canvas of each person's life, and invited students to become a part of that.


At the end of his message, over 150 students came forward and made decisions for Christ.


“This year's Christian emphasis week was the best we have had in the past 8 years,” said David Taylor, BC's campus minister.


Thursday and Friday of Christian Emphasis Week, Nolan spoke on each person's need to be loved and the power that the Christian has over Satan.


Kelly Thompson, a BC senior, said that Nolan was especially effective because students felt like they could relate to him.


“His imperfections showed students that you don't have to be perfect to be a Christian,” said Thompson.”