Construction to Begin on New Apartments
Bluefield, VA - A big change will occur on Bluefield College’s campus as construction for a new four million dollar project is being set into place.

Construction to Begin on New Apartments

By Tori Doyle | April 17, 2014 | RSS

A few months back at the beginning of this school year, Bluefield College President, Dr. David Olive, sent an email to the students regarding plans for new apartment villages coming to the campus. Many students considered these plans just rumors, but it has been confirmed that the new apartments will begin construction around the end of April and be available to the students in August.


This new plan seemed surprising and somewhat out of the blue for a lot of people, but Dr. Olive explained this has been an idea for some time. There are many reasons and issues going into the planning of this project for Bluefield College.


“For several years we have been close to maxing out our beds, especially in our male population, and it also creates capacity for future growth of females,” Dr. Olive said. “Things are changing, and this a step in the right direction.”


Dr. Olive believes this addition to Bluefield College is a good choice for many reasons. He says other colleges are getting apartments and according to studies, the right living environment can enhance academic learning. These apartments will provide the students with a feeling of independence, but also allow them to keep that environment and community feeling with the college.


These new living buildings for students will serve just like an apartment one would find off campus. Each apartment has one master bedroom, two single rooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, and a living room. They will be fully furnished with a washer and dryer as well. There will be a total of 93 beds. Although these apartments are different from the dorms, they will still hold the same rules. All the apartments will have Resident Assistants and a Resident Director.


There are still many things that haven’t been officially set on the new apartments. The price for each student is still being discussed. There is also a big debate on the meal plan for those students who live in the apartments rather than dorms. The meal plan is still under debate because Valley Services, which provides food in the cafeteria each day, must have enough of a demand to continue.


“If there is a meal plan, it will be reduced,” Dr. Olive said. “We are still deciding, but maybe 100 meals per semester. It is also being discussed whether this meal plan will be optional or required.”


Another question up in the air is how the placement of boys and girls will be. Dr. Olive said it could be placed by floor or by unit, but it just depends a lot on how the demand of each gender will drive it.


Signing up to live in these apartments will begin during the room lottery and will follow the same rules as signing up for dorms. Seniors will be allowed to choose first and then all the way down to freshman. The plans and outlines of the apartments are placed on boards outside the cafeteria for any students to take a look and view how the apartments are being planned for construction.


Dr. Olive is very excited for this new project to Bluefield College.


“I give a lot credit to our board,” Dr. Olive said. “This is an evolution and the next step.”