Clean sweep of Ferrum Panthers for Men's and Women's Tennis on Sunday
This was the first team win for the men's tennis team in four seasons

Clean sweep of Ferrum Panthers for Men's and Women's Tennis on Sunday

By Sports Information Department BC | March 12, 2012 | RSS

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Bluefield, Virginia

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Ferrum, Virginia- The men's and women's tennis teams completed a two-match series over the weekend against Virginia Wesleyan and Ferrum as both teams split going 1-1 overall on round-robin event. 


The women's team dropped their first loss of the weekend to Virginia Wesleyan 6-3, while the men's team lost 7-2 to the Marlins.


The tough results earlier in the day didn't seem to affect the Rams tennis programs though as they came back with double victories against the Ferrum College Panthers later on Sunday afternoon. 


The Lady Rams stomped over the Lady Panthers 5-1, winning two of five singles matches including the #4 and #6 singles of Lalyn Dolan and Caitlin Allen. 


The women really picked it up in the doubles matches, where they won all three doubles pairings over the Ferrum side. 


Full results below:


Singles competition
1. SWANN, Kaitlin (FCW) def. Casey Germaine (BLUE) 8-1
2. MANNINO, Christina (FCW) vs. Leslie Williams (BLUE) unfinished
3. HARBECK, Rebecca (FCW) vs. Erica Creger (BLUE) unfinished
4. Lalyn Dolan (BLUE) def. MARTIN, Megan (FCW) 8-1
5. VALEZ, Norma (FCW) vs. Julie Austin (BLUE) unfinished
6. Caitlin Allen (BLUE) def. MUCHA, Erin (FCW) 8-0


Doubles competition
1. Casey Germaine/Leslie Williams (BLUE) def. SWANN, Kaitlin/MANNINO, Christina (FCW) 9-8 (6-0)
2. Erica Creger/Lalyn Dolan (BLUE) def. HARBECK, Rebecca/MARTIN, Brittany (FCW) 8-4
3. Julie Austin/Caitlin Allen (BLUE) def. MARTIN, Megan/MUCHA, Erin (FCW) 8-1



The men's team was much more successful on the singles side. The Rams won four of five (one was defaulted at #6) matches including the #2-#5 ranks. 


Bluefield also snagged the number two doubles of Moore and Eastep. 


The win by both programs was the first 'program sweep' for the men's and weomen's tennis in four seasons.


It was the first victory of the year for the men's side, while the women's team moves to 2-4 on the year. 


The Rams will be back in action against Emory & Henry on Monday, and home on Tuesday against McDaniel College. 


Results below:

Singles competition
1. MILLER, Chris (FCM) def. Jordan Owens (BLUE) 8-3
2. Chaz Stonestreet (BLUE) def. GRIFFIN, Seth (FCM) 8-2
3. James Gunn (BLUE) def. MARSH, Michael (FCM) 8-4
4. Matt Moore (BLUE) def. LEE, Tyler (FCM) 8-2
5. Tyler Eastep (BLUE) def. FUNES, Eddy (FCM) 8-1
6. SAWYERS, Demetry (FCM) def. No player (BLUE), by default


Doubles competition
1. MILLER, Chris/MARSH, Michael (FCM) def. Chaz Stonestreet/James Gunn (BLUE) 8-2
2. Matt Moore/Tyler Eastep (BLUE) def. GRIFFIN, Seth/BIVANS, Jacob (FCM) 8-4
3. LEE, Tyler/SAWYERS, Demetry (FCM) def. No player/No player (BLUE), by default