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Chinese Exchange Students Visit BC

Chinese exchange students from the Jiangsu Second Normal University in Nanjing, China, share their American experience with BC students.

Casey Palmer

November 11, 2011

Lisa, Ruby, Daisy, and Harry.

BC’s Chinese exchange students share a little bit about their culture and experiences in America so far.


“Everything is big,” said Harry, one of the Chinese students, “Big hamburgers, big bottom of cokes, and big turkey legs!”


Harry is the only male of the four exchange students from the Jiangsu Second Normal University in Nanjing, China, who have spent three weeks at BC.

During their time here, the students have shared their culture, language and history with the BC community.


Harry said if there is one thing he wanted to tell BC students about, it would be Chinese art.


“America is really an amazing country,” said Ruby, one of the Chinese students. “It’s our dream to come here and now my dream has come true.”


Ruby said she thinks it is funny that Chinese restaurants in America give out fortune cookies after dinner.


“Yeah, I don’t really get accustomed to the so-called Chinese food here,” said Ruby. “But American food is nice and I love it.”


Ruby picked her American name because she knew it meant red diamond in English. However, she made it clear that she doesn’t consider herself “expensive.”


“I want to say that you can interact with me for free,” said Ruby. “You don’t need to pay me and I don’t want to get your credit card.”


Just like people in America, Ruby said people in China like Justin Bieber.


“You couldn’t imagine how popular he is in China. He really has a large following,” said Ruby, who also likes Hello Kitty.


“She’s really so beautiful and cute,” said Ruby.


Lisa is another one of the Chinese exchange students. She said traffic in America surprised her the most.


“There is a lot of freeways here and a lot of vehicles,” said Lisa, “Quite different from China.”


Lisa has also noticed some differences in education between America and China.


“We attended a creative writing class and students have a lot of chances to speak themselves,” said Lisa. “And I think that’s interesting because there are few chances for students to express their own ideas in China.”


Facebook is not easy to use in China because it has been banned, but some people do have it and Lisa is one of them.


“I got a Facebook id just two years ago,” said Lisa. “Although I had some problems using it in China, I have some ways to use it through software that allows me to keep in touch with my American friends.”


The students left the Bluefield College campus October 17.


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