Big Plans Are Being Made to Renovate the BC Cafeteria
As students prepare for the end of spring semester, Bluefield College is preparing for a renovation of the school’s cafeteria.

Big Plans Are Being Made to Renovate the BC Cafeteria

April 19, 2011 | RSS

Bluefield College Food Service Director Jenny Phillips will meet April 20 with BC President David Olive, the maintenance crew, a design team and a contractor to discuss the first renovation of the cafeteria since the late 1980s.


BC students make dinner in the caferia.

Though nothing is definite until after the meeting, Phillips shared changes the college hopes to make this summer.


New tables and chairs are in the works, along with custom-built food stations, including a cooking demonstration station where a cook will prepare food in front of students. A reconstruction of the layout will allow for a smoother flow, and students will no longer be able to see the back of the kitchen, making the cafeteria more eye-appealing.


Also in the plans is a dish return with various levels. Students will be able to place their dishes on a conveyor that will take the dishes directly to the dish room, eliminating the need to clear off plates before giving them to the dishwasher.


The partition walls that separate the cafeteria from the SAC and Shott A and B will be replaced with solid walls to make the area more sound efficient. Finally, BC wants to re-paint the kitchen’s walls and display a digital menu board in the dining hall.


The plan is to start the renovation as soon as school is out in May. The contractors will then have roughly 90 days to complete the renovation before students return in August.


The cafeteria staff is expecting a few summer camp students to visit the campus starting in June, but because no major renovations will be done in the kitchen, food preparation will still be possible. The dining location may need to change depending on the stage of the cafeteria’s renovation.


Phillips said she hopes to gain extra seating in the cafeteria with this renovation, especially with the increase of students BC is expecting in the fall semester. Overall she is excited about the plans for the cafeteria and hopes it will give the space a more modern look.