BC’s Weird Rules
A list of BC's random laws.

BC’s Weird Rules

By Heather Paisley | November 11, 2011 | RSS

In Richmond, Va., it is illegal to flip a coin in any eating establishment to determine who buys a cup of coffee.


Humorous rules are everywhere.

Head-scratching laws like the one above are bizarre, but they are present everywhere you go, even at BC.


Did you know that for health reasons, BC students are not permitted to give haircuts in public areas of the residence halls, including computer labs, hallways, laundry rooms, lounges, restrooms, and stairwells? Several students are guilty of breaking this rule, but if you have to give yourself a trim or you want to give a buddy a trim to keep him or her looking good, make sure you have a cosmetology certification, or go outside in the parking lot.


Everybody loves a grilled hotdog or hamburger, but you should be aware that you’re not permitted to have a grill in your room, even though some residence halls provide a public grill for student use. BC students can check out the grill and equipment from the RHD or RA in their building. In addition, students are required to clean the grill and all cooking utensils they get from the office before they’re returned.


I’m willing to bet that you think the rule about grills is absurd and random. Oops--I just broke a rule. Gambling is a growing problem for students on campus, leaving some students with thousands of dollars of debt; therefore, it’s “illegal.”


We all love the fresh air and exercising, so what better way to acquire the joys of both than to ride a bicycle, but pay close attention to where you store your wheels. Students are expected to keep their bicycles outside at all times, locked or chained to the bicycle racks only. Bicycles may not be stored or kept in residence hall rooms.


Maybe you have only one set of wheels, your automobile. If you own car, you know that it gets dirty and needs baths, but make sure you have a lot of quarters saved up so that you can visit your local car wash because washing cars on campus is prohibited.


Speaking of prohibited, rooftops and construction sites are considered off-limits at all times. So, unless you’re Batman, Superman, or Spiderman, please avoid all BC roofs.


Furry pets such as cats and dogs can provide companionship and add to a person's enjoyment, but in the interest of other people in the residence halls, the care and upkeep of college property, and Health Department regulations, fish are the only pets permitted on campus.


When the winter time comes and snow covers the ground, snowball fights become a popular source of fun, but be careful. Because of potential damage to people and property, water fights and throwing balls or other objects in or near residence halls is prohibited. Throwing water (or any other material) at anyone who isn’t voluntarily participating in an outdoor sport is also prohibited.


The next time you and your friends are goofing off and thinking you’re obeying the BC rules, remember that there’s probably a weird rule out there that you’re breaking.