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BC to Publish New Alumni Directory

Bluefield College will introduce a new Alumni Directory this spring, featuring the latest biographical data on BC grads, photos and essays submitted by former students, and an historical overview of the school.

Chris Shoemaker

March 26, 2014

Published by industry leader Harris Connect, the 2014 Bluefield College Alumni Directory will include comprehensive biographical listings of alumni with contact information, career overviews, and family highlights. The directory will also feature a special historical section about the college and the BC Alumni Association.


“Bluefield Rams are scattered all across the country and even around the world,” said Alumni Director Mark Hipes, “but no matter where their journeys have taken them, they all share a common bond, and that’s the place they began -- Bluefield College. That’s why we’re working on this Alumni Directory project -- to help bring our Rams back together.”


Learn more about the Alumni Directory project.



Learn more about the Alumni Directory project.


The school’s first alumni directory since 2005, nearly a decade ago, the 2014 Bluefield College Alumni Directory will include not only contact and biographical listings of all alumni, but also photos and essays submitted by former students.


“When submitting your directory information, we want you to tell us what’s been happening in your life,” said Hipes. “You’re welcome to submit just a few short sentences or to provide a more detailed message, even photos. Catch everyone up on your life since you left Bluefield College. Tell us about your family, share a favorite family photo or a picture of yourself at work. It’s all about sharing your fondest memories.”


To assure the 2014 Alumni Directory includes the most recent and accurate information about all former BC students, Harris has and will be continuing to contact alumni by postal mail and electronic mail throughout the months of February and March. Soon after, BC alumni can expect to receive phone calls from Harris (caller ID “Directory OFC” or “Harris Pub” at 757-962-8857), beginning March 24, 2014, in order to confirm and/or update contact and biographical information.


Alumni may also call Harris at 800-653-9821, even before March 24, to share their directory info. During the phone call to or from Harris, or in a subsequent e-mail from Harris, alumni will be provided a username and password for an online data verification web page. From this web page -- -- BC grads may not only verify their profile information, but also submit additional content for the directory, including essays and photos. The last day to provide information for the directory will be May 5, 2014.


“We want to make sure the information we print about alumni is accurate and complete,” said Hipes, a 2003 BC grad. “Harris specializes in alumni and membership publications and the data specifications involved with this type of project. They’ve been an industry leader for nearly 50 years. We’re excited to see the end product and believe it will be a tremendous resource for all former students and the entire BC family.”


Alumni may reserve a copy of the directory by phone or by e-mail when updating or sharing their biographical information with Harris. Those who do not before the May 5 deadline will receive an e-mail in April encouraging them to visit Harris’ online bookstore to order a copy. Online bookstore orders will be accepted through May 19.


“This publication will be a limited edition print run and only available to those who have reserved a copy,” said Hipes. “It will be a number of years before it is published again, so reserve your copy today. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to acquire this valuable keepsake.”


The directory will be available in print as a hardbound collector’s edition and a softbound regular edition. In addition to the print version, alumni may also purchase a CD, or a combination of a CD and a collector’s or softbound edition.


An abridged CD version will also be available for those not interested in purchasing the full print edition or the entire CD -- a reunion CD, which will contain biographical information on alumni from five classes, including your graduating class and the surrounding four classes.


While the directory will be the most current and comprehensive resource of BC alumni biographical data, providing information for the publication does not obligate alumni to purchase a copy. Names will be listed regardless of whether alumni decide to purchase a copy. Alumni may also request not be listed in the directory or to be listed with only certain information, and all data gathered by Harris will be used only for BC purposes and will be encrypted on the CD viewable only inside the CD Search Party application.


“Harris Connect is a trusted partner of Bluefield College,” said Hipes, “and their commitment to protecting the privacy and ensuring the integrity of the information collected for this project is reflected in their privacy policy (online at”


For more information about the 2014 Bluefield College Alumni Directory, including frequently asked questions and magazine discount offers from Harris, visit the BC web site at or contact Hipes by e-mail at or by phone at 276.266.1077.





1971 graduate

The directory will be great but, unfortunately, it will become out of date soon after publication. It is a shame the directory is not available online so that people can update with changes.

Bluefield College Alumni Office

1971 graduate,

We appreciate your comment and would like to note that we currently offer an online alumni directory. You can find the link on the main alumni web page. While some portions are very accurate, others, like contact information and employment information are lacking. At the conclusion of the 2014 Alumni Directory project, we will work to combine the printed directory information with our online database. One of our goals is to continually look for platforms and tools to help our alumni connect in a user-friendly and real-time way. As you mentioned, this directory will be great. It is the hope of our work that it will be a valued publication for many of our alumni. Thanks for the comment '71.


As a recent graduate, I don't have much history in supporting the alumni association. but I cant wait to get involved, and, at some point, make it back to BC to say hi to the teachers, staff, and hopefully students, that I have gotten to know while there!

I would love to figure out how to get an electronic copy.

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