BC Students Share God's Love in Spain
Bluefield College students took advantage of their Spring Break in March to take a trip abroad. But, this BC student trip was not your typical college spring fling. This trip was designed to spread the Gospel and grow the church in Madrid, Spain.

BC Students Share God's Love in Spain

By Chris Shoemaker | August 1, 2014 | RSS

The Bluefield College Spain mission team.


Bluefield College’s David Taylor (left) shares his testimony with a local in Madrid, Spain.


Ten Bluefield College students took part in the Spring Break trip to Madrid, including Adam Anthony, Elizabeth Decker, Dakota Duckworth, Tyler Giles, Sarah Mason, Hannah Mayo, Steven Quackenbush, Ben Taylor, Lauren Webster and Katie Wilkins, who said the experience definitely took her out of her comfort zone.


“There were many times I thought, ‘I don’t know if I can do this,’” said Wilkins, “but by the end of the week I realized that God can use me in ways I never thought He would, and I can do things I never thought I could.”


Working with missionaries from the International Mission Board already on site, the students helped develop churches and design ministries for the Christian cause in Spain.


“I was really taken aback by the fact that there are so many people out there who don’t even realize they need a savior,” said Webster. “It was such a humbling experience. I saw how much this country needs Christianity and for Christians to show them love.”


Working in an environment where less than five percent of the population is Christian, the BC missionaries gave away Bibles to local residents, distributed Christian literature in local marketplaces, and took part in prayer walks, even on the campus of the University of Madrid with its 100,000 students.


"We gave away 30 Bibles and close to 1,000 tracts to people going in and out of the marketplace in one day,” said Quackenbush. “Some rejected us and some didn’t know what to think. The biggest thing that we had to remember was that we were planting seeds that someday hopefully will be reaped.”


Despite the language barrier, the students said they were able to share their faith and to talk to the locals about the love of God.


“Everywhere we went people were more than willing to talk,” said BC’s David Taylor, vice president for student development, who led the students on the mission trip with the help of his wife, Lisa, and BC staffer Katilyn Duggins. “Every restaurant we went to they were more than hospitable. The missionaries said they had never had that kind of response with a visiting team. Obviously, that was an answer to many, many prayers. God had already taken care of us, even before we arrived.”


With the way paved in advance, the BC team built relationships and worshipped with those attending a local international Baptist church.


“Over 50 nationalities were represented there, all praising God and King,” said Quackenbush. “It was truly amazing and such a liberating experience.”


While the primary goal of the mission trip was to support the current work of international missionaries in Spain, the BC students also developed a greater appreciation for Spanish culture through immersion. In addition, as part of the trip, they toured Segovia, an old Medieval village in Spain, and the castle of the Catholic Monarchs Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand.


“God is definitely working in Spain,” said Decker. “The people there want to know more about Christianity.”



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