BC Students Exhibit Art in Spring Show
The creative works of Bluefield College art students are being showcased through a Spring Student Art Show, now through April 26.

BC Students Exhibit Art in Spring Show

By Student Marketing Associate Mikaela Hurst | April 17, 2018 | RSS

The creative works of Bluefield College art students are being showcased through a Spring Student Art Show, now through April 26.

Open and free to the public, the show is located in the BC Art Gallery on the first floor of Lansdell Hall from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays. Weekend hours may be obtained by calling the Bluefield College Art Department at 276-326-4558.

Student works from several art and graphic classes are included in the show. Students represented are commonly majoring in art, art education, and graphic communication. The works in the show have been selected by faculty members.

“Two student shows are given every year to showcase our students’ artistic creations,” said Professor Walter Shroyer, chair of the Department of Art and design. “It gives students exposure to the arts for our campus and community.”

Among the students exhibiting works for the Spring Student Art Show: Shayla Spell, Megan Brandl, Kaitlin Rife, Nicky Dronsick, Aaron Ingram, Alicia Boyd, Austin Eatmon, Harleigh Stillwell, Ben Ayers, Danae Cox, Jordyn O’Saben, Gage Yesbeck, Clara Blevins, Jacobi Montgomery, Khaliyl Thompson, Andre Cardamone, Lexi Mocarski, Emily Carlisle, and Paloma Sanchez Vives.

“I think it (the art show) is a good thing to come to and talk with other students and talk about how your art could improve and stuff like that,” said Ingram, a senior psychology major whose art won an award at a show at Southwest Virginia Community College. “I enjoy people talking about what they like and what they don’t like about my art in order to learn from it.”

Brandl said she is excited, too, about the opportunity to showcase her art in the spring show. A sophomore graphic communication major, she is participating in her third student art show.

“I think the students should come to this art show, because they can see all of the cool things they could potentially do if they sign up for the classes,” said Brandl. “It gives them an idea of the things they can do and not what an artist from the community can do.”

Boyd is also a veteran when it comes to BC art exhibits. She has had something in each show since she has attended college.

“I’m excited for this show,” said Boyd, a junior graphic communication major. “I really enjoy seeing my classmates’ hard work being shown off, and I love getting the opportunity to share my work, as well. I encourage (art enthusiasts) to come out and see the show and see what (the students) have worked so hard on in class. I have seen some beautiful pieces from the painting class. A friend of mine has multiple paintings that are gorgeous. It’s a way for students, and the community as well, to see how talented these individuals are. I’m proud of each one for putting so much effort into what they do.”

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