BC Pact to Provide Mobile Dental Care

By Student Marketing Associate Andres Palacio | March 23, 2016 | RSS

BC Pact to Provide Mobile Dental Care
Bluefield College recently signed an agreement with Just Compassion, Inc. to help provide dental care services to low-income children and families in Southwest Virginia.
Bluefield College President David Olive (left) and Just Compassion Executive Director Joy Heaton.


Just Compassion is a non-profit organization with a mission to provide dental care services to underserved residents in rural Appalachia. The organization’s hope is to “end the suffering of children who have never been to a dentist, because such services are beyond the means of their parents.”



Patients served by Just Compassion mobile units are never charged a fee, regardless of the services rendered, which may include, but are not limited to dental examinations, x-rays, cleanings, education, medication as needed, and emergency intervention. The free dental services are made possible through volunteer dentists and hygienists, who “bring high quality healthcare to children and adults who would not otherwise receive it.”


To help fulfill its mission, Just Compassion partners with schools to provide easy-access locations for its services. Its most recent partnership with Bluefield College will help provide mobile dental services to residents of southwest Virginia and southern West Virginia.


“The Just Compassion model revolves around a mobile dental unit and volunteer dental and non-dental professionals,” said Dr. David Olive, president of Bluefield College. “We have been asked to house and feed the volunteers, which the college is very willing to do, and to provide a secure location for the mobile dental unit to be parked when not in use.”


Knowing of the college’s efforts in recent years to develop a dental school, Just Compassion founder Dr. Joy Heaton approached the college about being a potential partner, Dr. Olive said. At the present time, Just Compassion is still fundraising to purchase a dental unit for the Bluefield area, but once the unit is acquired the frequency of visits will be dictated by the number of volunteers who donate their time.


In addition to benefitting underserved dental patients in the area, the Just Compassion partnership will also benefit Bluefield College students, including BC students who can’t afford dental care and BC international students who don’t have access to dental care. In addition, the college hopes to develop clinical opportunities with the mobile dental unit for its nursing students and staff and create mission opportunities for Bluefield students.


“Our students will also have the opportunity to serve as non-dental volunteers,” said Dr. Olive. “For example, student volunteers could travel to various locations and assist in gathering patient information, running errands, or serving the mobile dental units in a variety of other ways.”


Dr. Olive added that the Just Compassion partnership is just one more way in which Bluefield College remains connected to the surrounding region. As a Christian institution with a mission to develop servant leaders who transform the world, he said, “this partnership exemplifies the college’s own demonstration of practicing servant leadership and playing a role in addressing the health inequities of those who live in Southwest Virginia.”


“Bluefield College looks forward to impacting individuals’ lives through this partnership with Just Compassion,” said Dr. Olive, “and furthering our collective Kingdom work.”


For more information about the mobile dental unit at Bluefield College or volunteering or donating to Just Compassion, visit justcompassion.org or contact Dr. Olive at or Dr. Heaton at