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BC Honors Golden Graduates

Bluefield College honored members of its class of 1964 with induction into the school’s Golden Graduate Society during Homecoming festivities on campus, September 26-28.

Chris Shoemaker

October 17, 2014

Bluefield College President David Olive (far left) and BC Vice President Ruth Blankenship (far right) with members of the class of 1964 inducted into the Golden Graduate Society (from left): Stephen Vinson from Pearisburg, Virginia, Ingrid Herbert from Hartford, Connecticut, Ray Luck from Athens, Tennessee, Lois Crawford from Fincastle, Virginia, Gail Swain from Williamsburg, Virginia, Alice Lane from Mount Crawford, Virginia, and John Bosiger of Halifax, Virginia. Not pictured: Al Stecker from Norton, Virginia.
John Bosiger
Gail Swain
Lois Crawford
Ingrid Herbert
Stephen Vinson
Alice Lane
Ray Luck
Barbara Jones Vinson
Charles Swain
Jessie Shifflett

Dozens of alumni and friends returned to watch the former BC students be inducted into the prestigious group, created in 2009 to honor and preserve the legacy of alumni from the Golden Anniversary era. Since then, about 130 Golden graduates have been inducted into the society, including 11 this year from the class of 1964 and beyond.



Alumni Director Mark Hipes welcomed the Golden grads to the special reunion occasion. President David Olive shared similar greetings and spoke about how the campus has changed since 1964, including the most recent additions of an apartment complex for student housing, seven online degree programs, and the school’s first ever master’s degree program. Dr. Olive also spoke of the school’s pride in its graduates.



“We’re so proud of each of you, and the many ways in which you’ve made your alma mater proud,” he told the Golden graduates, “not to mention the many ways in which you have contributed to our success at Bluefield College.”



The eight members of the class of 1964 on campus this year to be inducted into the select Golden Graduates Society included John Bosiger of Halifax, Virginia; Lois Crawford from Fincastle, Virginia; Ingrid Herbert from Hartford, Connecticut; Alice Lane from Mount Crawford, Virginia; Ray Luck from Athens, Tennessee; Al Stecker from Norton, Virginia; Gail Swain from Williamsburg, Virginia; and Stephen Vinson from Pearisburg, Virginia.



Three additional Golden grads from classes beyond 1964 were also inducted, including Jessie Shifflett (’60) of Front Royal, Virginia; Charles Swain (’63) of Williamsburg, Virginia; and Barbara Jones Vinson (’63) of Pearisburg, Virginia.



All the new inductees were individually recognized and received a gold medallion, engraved with the Golden Graduate Society insignia, along with a BC lapel pin, imprinted with the college seal, and a souvenir memory book with images and information comparing Bluefield College then (1964) and now (2014).



In addition, the Golden grads received added recognition from current BC students Wully Rojas, a junior teacher education major from Woodbridge, Virginia, and Daniel Griffin, a junior Rams football player from Greensboro, North Carolina, who shared personal testimonies about their Bluefield College experience and the alumni who helped make it happen.



“We want to personally thank you for your love for Bluefield College and your kind gifts to the school,” said Rojas, who needed a President Scholarship to attend BC. “Because of your generosity, we are able to attend Bluefield College and will someday sit in the same seats you sit in today as proud alumni of this school.”



Rojas also spoke about caring faculty mentors, newfound friends who are now like family, and the passion she is fulfilling to become an elementary school teacher.



“Bluefield is everything I ever wanted, ever dreamed of in a college,” said Rojas. “Even after 50 years, we have at least one very important thing in common. We both entrusted Bluefield College for our higher education.”



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