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BC Employees Garner Year-end Awards

Bluefield College honored its employees with a year-end faculty/staff awards ceremony, May 1, which included the presentation of the Distinguished Staff Award to accounts payable manager Shirley Mutter and a 30-year Service Award to maintenance director Blair Taylor.

Chris Shoemaker

May 28, 2014

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President David Olive (left) presents the 2014 Distinguished Staff Award to Shirley Mutter.


Maintenance director Blair Taylor (right) is recognized for 30 years of service to Bluefield College.


View more Faculty-Staff Awards photos.


President David Olive welcomed the employees to the traditional event that helps culminate another academic year on campus. The president spoke about the challenges facing higher education today and the ways in which BC employees overcome those challenges.



“This has been a great year at Bluefield College,” said Dr. Olive, “and I appreciate all of the hard work from everyone that went into making this such an outstanding year. Higher education continues to change at a very rapid pace, and to keep up with that change I must continue to ask you (employees) to do more. So, I know the sacrifices you make, the work you do, and the time you put in, and I am deeply appreciative.”


The president presented the most coveted staff award, the Distinguished Staff Award, to Mutter, who also serves as payroll manager for BC. Mutter was selected for the honor by her co-workers, who acknowledged her “pursuit of excellence,” “dedication to Bluefield College,” “strong Christian character,” and “church and community service.”


“She exemplifies what a Christian co-worker should be,” said Dr. Olive. “She is dependable, both professionally and personally, and a tremendous help every day to everyone. She works tirelessly in her position to make sure all of the appropriate work is completed timely and correctly.”


Dr. Olive also presented a 30-year Service Award to Taylor, who started as a member of BC’s housekeeping crew in 1984, before working his way up to director of maintenance.


“We’ve worked together for so long,” said Clayton Wagner, who has worked alongside Taylor since the mid-1980s. “He’s friendly, outgoing, never gets upset; he’s just a real nice guy to be around. We work hard, and when you work hard together, it makes you closer.”


Other BC employees were recognized for service, including Dr. Kim Farmer, associate professor of criminal justice, who received a 25-year Service Award, and Dr. Larry Connatser, instructor for online degree programs, who received a 20-year Service Award.


Jennifer Thorn, administrative assistant for the School of Education; Dr. Michael Henry, instructor for online degree programs; Dr. Ross Duncan, instructor for online degree programs; Cathy Payne, student success coach; Diane Shott, assistant to the president; and Ann Looney, director of academic programs, all received 15-year Service Awards.


Ten-year Service Awards went to Juleigh Bailey, instructor for online degree programs; Dr. Thomas Kinney, associate professor of history; Jonathan Pruitt, instructor for online degree programs; Kristy Stout, director of the Fine Arts Community School; and Dena Monroe, assistant registrar.


Five-year Service Awards went to Railynn Saunders, instructor of science; Richard Morgan, head coach for men’s basketball; Dr. Shawn White, assistant professor of Christian studies; Teresa Hedrick, instructor of music; Kathy Kish, instructor of English; Melinda Blume, instructor of music; Christine Bone, instructor of art; Tara Garland-Matthews, instructor for online degree programs; Keith Jennings, assistant coach for men’s basketball; and Jeff Disibbio, instructor for online degree programs.




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