BC Bucket List
What do you want to do before you graduate? Emily Sears investigates the aspirations of BC college students.

BC Bucket List

By Emily Sears | May 2, 2011 | RSS

When was the last time you said in agony, “There is nothing to do in Bluefield!”?


“We used to lie around and complain that there wasn’t anything to do,” said Celia Jones, a junior from Brookneal, Va. “We spent so much time complaining about being bored that we didn’t have enough time to actually do anything.”


Sears and her friends having fun.

Then one day, we decided to change that by writing a bucket list.


According to the Urban Dictionary, a bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you die. It comes from the phrase “kicked the bucket.”


My friends and I wanted to make a list of things to do before we “kicked the bucket” at BC and graduated. When we sat down and starting naming things we wanted to do at BC, some of them came easily.


1.      Go to a sports event from every team at BC.

2.      Go caving.

3.      Yell as loud as possible at the echo spot.

4.      Graduate.

Some were more challenging.

13. Skip all of our classes and drive to the beach.

17. Spend all night at the Omelet Spot.

25.  No complaining for an entire day during finals.

39. Ask Werner for his autograph.


Some we thought were impossible.

7. Pull a prank on the administration.

15. Sneak up to the steeple of the Chapel.

22. Minister to people on the streets of downtown Bluefield, W.Va.

28. Perform at an open mic in the community (not on campus).


We made some unwritten rules to go along with the list. Each item could be completed individually, but the individual who did the task would have to tell the rest of the group about the experience. Also, whoever completed the task received the honor of marking it off of the list.


So when Winter Jam 2010 came and Kris Hardy needed someone to wear the RAM costume, Julie Austin volunteered to do it.


14. Wear the RAM costume.


“A lot of people say there is nothing to do in Bluefield, but I think it is what you make it” said Austin, a junior from Richmond, Va. “Once we made the list, I took the opportunity to actually check things off like wearing the RAM costume.”


19. Build a snowman in the quad.


“With all of the snow we had last year, it was easy to check off 19,” said Samantha Sturgill, a senior from Chillhowie, Va. “Instead of a snowman, we built a snowRAM on the quad. It’s moments like those that I am going to remember after I graduate.”


It became easier and easier to mark things off of the bucket list.


32. Run the Jason Elswick 5K.


8. Participate in a convocation.


33. Make it onto the Bluefield College mailings and website.


16. Pull an all-nighter for school reasons.


5. Get in trouble.


Other BC students have thought about what they want to do before they graduate as well.


“I want to go streaking,” said Tiana Wood, a senior from Richmond, Va. “I just want to run around campus completely naked.”


“I just want to graduate,” said Scott Polhamus, a senior from Roanoke, Va.


“I have to climb to the top of the Mercer Mall sign,” said Drew Hinton, a sophomore from Roanoke, Va. “It has been my goal since I first came here.”


“I’ve pretty much done it all,” said Andrew McKinney, a senior from Galax, Va. “I’ve mastered Bluefield.”


“I want to take one class that I take just for fun and it does not stress me out,” said Sheena Young, a senior from Fredericksburg, Va. “That way I can take lots of naps.”


“I’ve always wanted to be on the roof of every building on campus,” said a senior. “I’ve been on all of them but the library, Science Center, and Alumni Hall. Lansdell was the best because it so steep but flying a kite off of the roof of Shott Hall was really fun too.”


The BC bucket list is giving students the opportunities to make wonderful memories in new, creative ways.


Personally I’m looking forward to numbers 13, 21, and 28 on our list.


13. Camp out on the quad.

21. Be in a play.

28. Talk to the person you always wanted to get to know.


And I’m still working up the nerve for 24.

24. Get a tattoo.