BC Bible Studies
Bible study opportunities are everywhere on the BC campus.

BC Bible Studies

February 14, 2011 | RSS

Each week students at Bluefield College join together through group Bible studies and encourage others to join them to study God’s word.


Many students on campus have felt the need to gather with friends for weekly Bible studies and have discussions about the scriptures they read. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 p.m.,  Devon Matthews, Amanda Heller and other Bluefield College students meet in the Student Activities Center (SAC) to discuss different books of the Bible. Currently they are studying I John and will continue on to II John and III John in the coming weeks.


“It is a group of students who read and look into what the Bible says,” Amanda said about the study. “We talk about each passage and we always begin and end in prayer. Anyone who wants to speak up during the Bible study can do so because it's just a group of students trying to better understand the Bible. It has definitely helped me a lot because I have grown so much more in my prayer life and my walk with Christ.”


The group is open for anyone who wants to attend.


On Tuesday nights at 9:00 in the SAC, John Ball, Area Director for Tazewell County Young Life, teaches a leadership training Bible study. Young Life is a relationship-driven youth ministry program whose focus is bringing children to Christ. The study focuses on how Christians can lead others spiritually and giving students leadership skills in all aspects of their life. Ball’s desire to teach the students at Bluefield College came from wanting to get to know the students and campus better. He also said most of the Young Life organization’s leaders are college students. The study, however, is not only open to students interested in Young Life.


“Anyone interested in learning more about Christian leadership and what the Bible has to say about it is welcome to come,” Ball said.


Students who attend the Bible study have had a positive response.


“I love it; it’s amazing,” Eugene Fitzgerald, a BC freshman, said. “We go extremely in depth with the word and how to apply it to wherever we are in the mission field.”


Brad Schmitt, a resident BC student, said he feels he has benefitted from the study. Along with learning about examples of good and bad leadership, he has been able to apply the study to his own life.


“It has been really interesting because I feel like the Lord is teaching me a lot about how to relate to people along with the study,” Schmitt said.


On Wednesdays, Emily Sears and Summer Wilding hold a study for female BC students in the parlor of Rish Hall at 8 p.m. They recently started the Bible study this semester. Emily and Summer alternate weeks to teach and have discussions about the scriptures. Emily said her inspiration for the study comes from prayer and direction from God. The study is open to any female student on campus. The group begins in prayer, and the group is able to share in open and honest discussion about the Bible and any needs they have in their lives.


Samantha Sturgill, a resident student who attended the study last Wednesday, enjoys having the Bible study on campus because she said she feels she can relate to the same needs and issues as a lot of the other female students on campus. 


Brenda Workman, coordinator of Fine Arts Community School and liaison for Home School Recruitment, holds a study for female students on Thursdays at 8 p.m. in the parlor of Rish Hall. This is the second semester Workman has lead the Bible study, and she hopes to keep it going through next fall and spring semesters. Last spring she taught lessons on modesty, dating and also biblical discussion. This semester the group is starting off with a discussion on the attributes of God, and Workman also plans to teach the study, “The Power of Words,” by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.


Workmansaid she was called by God to lead the study, and she felt a desire to help the female students on campus with any need they may have. She wants to have open communication with them and offers an open door to anyone who needs to share what is on their heart. Workman is also open to offering the study during different times if Thursday evening is not convenient for everyone. The study is open for any young woman on campus who wants to attend.


The newest study on campus met Feb. 4 at 10 a.m. The study is open to any female student on campus and is held in the third floor lounge of the East River residence hall. Shannon Denton and Kara Georgiades felt a need to start the study to give female students more opportunities for Bible studies.


The group plans to study and discuss the book “Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl” by Lysa TerKeurst. The study explores the author’s own personal experiences, and it encourages intimacy with God by making Bible studies more personal instead of just a habit. The group members will have a book and workbook to study in their personal time, and the weekly meetings will consist of a DVD overview and group discussion. The cost of the book is $15 and the workbook is $10. Denton and Georgiades are also exploring other options for times to meet that will be convenient for everyone who wants to attend. If they decide to change the time for the study, an announcement will be made.