And What Are You Supposed to Be?
It’s the same decision we have to make every year. What are you going to be for Halloween?

And What Are You Supposed to Be?

By Jacqueline Puglisi | October 27, 2011 | RSS

Halloween is quickly approaching and though some people might know exactly how they are going to dress up, there are others who need a little direction.


Most BC students don’t have the time or funds to buy an expensive costume at the mall. Some students have shared inexpensive costume ideas to put together at the last minute. Here are ideas that may spark inspiration and scare up some laughs.


Most are familiar with the old standard of two holes in a white bed sheet to disguise as a

Don't be caught as a boring ghost on Halloween

ghost. But what about adding some extra, haphazardly placed holes? That mediocre bed sheet is then transformed into Charlie Brown’s ghost costume from “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”. Wear all black underneath and add an extra touch by carrying a candy bucket full of rocks.


Choosing a television or movie character for inspiration can be a good choice with the variety of options. Pick a character with a clothing style you may already have in your closet and add special touches. Or you can take inspiration from minimalist Jim Halpert from NBC’s “The Office”. During season two he taped three medium-sized black dots to the right side of his shirt, turning him into “a three-hole punch version of Jim.”  


Tony Puglisi, BC student and Christian Studies major, shared an idea he used as a teenager. Clean out and carve a pumpkin the way you normally would, but then cut a hole in the bottom large enough to put your head through. This may not be something you will want to wear all day, but it can be great for a party or to get a laugh on campus. Puglisi said the trick is to find a large pumpkin with plenty of room to fit over your head. 


Carrie Smith and Hannah Spicer, both BC seniors, also shared some ideas for costumes. One of Smith’s favorites is to take empty cereal boxes and stab each several times with plastic knives. Tape them to yourself to dress as a Cereal Killer.


Spicer gave the idea of cutting head and arm holes in a cardboard box to wear as a robot. Making a hat of tin foil can add an extra touch. She also said the men on campus who have beards could wear a plaid shirt and show up on Halloween as a lumberjack.


Morgan Lloyd, a BC junior, said when he was growing up his family often created their own costumes or borrowed from cousins. They came up with their own creative ideas from items they had at home. One year Lloyd grabbed a cane and walked hunched over as an old man. Another year he was a construction worker, donning a hard hat and jeans. He also gave the idea of dressing like a scarecrow by stuffing straw into a plaid shirt and wearing overalls.


Other ideas from students included wearing a tie-dye shirt and flared-leg jeans to be a hippie and to wear all white and add black spots to dress like a Dalmatian.