Advocating Innocence
Rachel Blosser, BC senior, shares her passion for fighting human sex trafficking through her nonprofit organization Advocating Innocence.

Advocating Innocence

By Emily Sears | March 4, 2011 | RSS

13 years old. That is the average age children are forced into prostitution and into modern slavery known as human sex trafficking.


rachel-content"I became aware of human sex trafficking through a series of events which I believe were no mere coincidence," said Rachel Blosser, a senior at Bluefield College. "Upon hearing of it, I was moved to the point of action, and I knew I wanted to be involved in the fight."


And she brought that fight to BC. Blosser is the founder of Advocating Innocence, an organization at Bluefield College dedicated to the fight against human sex trafficking. This organization includes students, faculty, and staff.


Bluefield College was first informed of the horrors of human sex trafficking in a convocation last spring led by Blosser. She told stories of real victims of modern day slavery, and Bluefield College responded. Every sign-up sheet she had brought that day was filled. More than 80 students, faculty, and staff responded to a new group called Advocating Innocence.


Last year, members of Advocating Innocence sold T-shirts that said "No One Should Be For Sale" on the front and "Stop Human Sex Trafficking" on the back.


"We wanted to catch people's attention when we wore our shirts," said Blosser. "If people asked us what it meant that we could start spreading our message about the horrors of human sex trafficking."


Members of Advocating Innocence also held a bake sale during the Canadian Tenors concert last spring at BC.


"Dr. Mead is our faculty sponsor, and she has helped us so much," said Blosser. "She opened her home to our members last year to bake food for the sale, and we worked there for ten hours. She also donated the ingredients to make the products."


Money from the T-shirt sales and bake sale came to over $1,000, which was donated to Shared Hope International.


When Blosser learned about human sex trafficking, she learned about one of the largest organizations that is trying to stop it: Shared Hope International. Shared Hope International was founded by U.S. Congresswoman Linda Smith in 1998 after she visited a brothel in India. The goals of this organization are to prevent, rescue and restore, and bring justice. All money donated is used toward stopping human sex trafficking from happening, rescuing victims of this crime and restoring them through counseling and other forms of aid, and bringing justice to perpetrators of these crimes.


Not only has Advocating Innocence helped fight human sex trafficking, it has provided Blosser with other benefits as well.


"I have gained much needed experience in dealing with non-profit organizations as well as understanding what it takes to get people inspired to take action for this cause," she said. "Plus, leading this has brought me closer to God than I had ever been before."


Advocating Innocence holds member meetings when necessary and also holds prayer meetings where member just pray for this cause and how they can stop it. Anyone is welcome to become a member.


"My goal for this year is to find someone who is willing to take over since I am graduating," said Blosser. "I want to keep this momentum going at BC even though I won't be here anymore."


For more information about Advocating Innocence, contact Rachel Blosser at More information about Shared Hope International can be found at