Abstract Artist Brings Show to BC
Bluefield College will host an art exhibit titled “Across the Surface,” April 28 through August 22, featuring the works of Katherine Shortridge.

Abstract Artist Brings Show to BC

By Chris Shoemaker | April 18, 2014 | RSS

One of several works by abstract artist Katherine Shortridge to be on display in an exhibit titled “Across the Surface” at Bluefield College, April 28 through August 22.


An abstract artist and associate professor of fine art at Roanoke College, Shortridge focuses on the art of observation in her works. Landscapes, she said, are more than nature. They are conceptualized and internalized to become a place. This sense of place, shea dded, constitutes understanding the landscape and how it passes through us. In interpreting how the everyday world that we encounter shapes us, Shortridge discriminates between the physical and the experiential, only to blend them in a common conceptual framework on the canvas.


“Whether traveling anew or retracing pathways, exploring a foreign country or a backyard, reading about a distant city or dwelling in memories, landscape is always present in our lives,” said Shortridge. “Once it is observed, experienced and felt, it becomes something more than nature or scenery; it becomes a place.”


Shortridge’s art occurs through this visual experience, alternating layers of atmospheric depth with surface-asserting lines and matrixes. She researches her work by traveling and noticing specific arrangements. She notices mundane items and moments and the human presence behind them to create an experience of place.


Shortridge studied studio art at Dartmouth College before earning a master of fine arts degree in painting from Indiana University. Her show at Bluefield College will be on display in the BC Art Gallery on the first floor of Lansdell Hall from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays, April 28 through August 22. Weekend hours may be obtained by contacting the Art Department by email at or by phone at 276-326-4558. The Shortridge exhibit is open and free to the public.




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