33rd Mud Pig Day Celebrated
33rd Mud Pig Day at Bluefield College brings fun, friends, and food together.

33rd Mud Pig Day Celebrated

By Bonnie Blackburn | May 3, 2011 | RSS

A cooked pig. Lots of barbeque. A mud pit. A slip-in-slide. All of this together is Bluefield College’s Mud Pig Day.


Mud Pig Day, a 33-year-old tradition, is the day before exams, when students can take a break from studying and have fun outside. It’s famous not only among college students, but also in the community.


Students having fun in the mud pit.

The many activities include a mud slip-in-slide, a mud pit, and many inflatables. Students enjoy getting muddy and leaving the stress of exams behind them for one day.


For Danielle Workman, a senior at Bluefield College, the mud pit is a favorite activity.


“I love getting dirty and it's a lot of fun to goof off in the mud pit with friends” said Workman.


There is a cooked pig (the “pig” part of the day) and lots of food--including grilled corn-on-the-cob, baked beans, and coleslaw. For many students, eating outside is a pleasure in itself.


“Eating outside in the warm air” is fun for James Young, a senior at Bluefield College.


Sarah Shelton, a BC junior, said she enjoys relaxing on Mud Pig Day.


 “I like just being with friends and not really stressing about finals yet,” said Shelton. “I love this time to hang with friends and eat, and enjoy the lovely weather.”


The day also includes jousting, volleyball, and corn hole. Local firefighters are on hand all day to spray the slip-in-slide and to rinse anybody off after being in the mud pit. Students and faculty also get free T-shirts to remember the day by.


In the mud pit, students can wrestle each other or just have fun by rubbing mud over each other. For Samantha Corker, a BC freshman, Mud Pig Day this year was a great first experience.


“I love that for one day no one cares how dirty they get or how bad they have mud all over them,” said Corker. “It's all about enjoying the last day before finals!”


Mud Pig Day ended with a large bonfire at 8:00. Students roasted marshmallows to make s’mores.