Giving Day Testimonials

Read what BC students and parents have to say about giving to Bluefield College

Bluefield College is an inclusive Christ-centered learning community developing transformational servant leaders.

Student Testimonial

I was born and raised in the two Virginias – living in Bluefield, West Virginia and attending Graham High School in Bluefield, Virginia. Little did I know, Bluefield College’s mission would reach me (when I least expected it) and has done just that – developed me as a servant leader.

I grew up determined to attend a big university away from Bluefield. When it came time to choose where I would spend the next four years of my life, the decision was not easy. I was accepted to three schools, but my decision came down to affordability. The Bluefield College Fund made Bluefield College affordable and a way for me to achieve my goals. At first, I was not proud of my acceptance to Bluefield College. My peers and I always viewed Bluefield College as the little hometown school that would prepare you to stay right here in this small town. They were wrong. I was wrong.

Bluefield College has opened doors for me that I never saw possible. As a biology major, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from world-class instructors like Dr. Emily Lambert. My goal is to attend graduate school and become an optometrist; Bluefield College has prepared me for this next step. Outside of the classroom, I am active in Rotaract (a youth-centered branch of Rotary International) and recently became president of STAT (Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow). Through STAT and my employment in the Institutional Advancement Office, I’ve had the opportunity to meet many alumni who have similar stories and whose lives were transformed at Bluefield College.

You are the reason I agreed to share my story. I know countless people who know about Bluefield College, but have no idea about the transformations taking place here. Students truly do leave Bluefield College understanding their calling and are ready to transform the world. My transformation started within my first year at BC and continues daily.

If you haven’t made a gift to the Bluefield College Fund, consider starting today with a gift of $50. I’m not the first and won’t be the last student to desire to attend Bluefield College and need financial assistance to make it possible. You can make a difference and open up that door.  To make your gift, simply complete, detach and return the card below in the enclosed envelope. Or, you can make your gift online at

With sincere appreciation,

Sarah Pauley ‘19
Biology Major
President, STAT

P.S. BC Giving Day is April 26. This day of giving is for alumni like you to show BC students like me just how much you love your alma mater! I hope you’ll get involved by making your gift today and then follow our progress online at

Parent Testimonial

As parents of a Bluefield College (BC) student, we would like to take a few moments to introduce ourselves and share what Bluefield College means to us. In April 2014, our son David began narrowing his search for a college he would call home for the next four years. We visited several college campuses, and on April 21, 2014 we arrived in Bluefield. The weather was dreary, and as we drove past the Bluefield College campus, we had doubts as to whether this would be a good place for David. However, the next day we awoke to a sunny, cool, spring day surrounded by glorious mountains. As we met with Bluefield College staff and toured the campus, David stated, “this feels like home.”

Although we visited other college campuses, David decided to attend Bluefield College. This was a major decision for him since BC is more than 10 hours from our home in Ocala, Florida. As parents, we knew he would be in great hands. During the past four years, David has received a quality Christ-centered education. The personalized care and attention from the BC staff has assisted David in making sound choices regarding his future. When he began attending BC, David was a member of the baseball team, but later decided to concentrate solely on his education. He continues to participate in numerous campus activities, community events, and has made life-long friends.

This upcoming May, David will graduate from BC with a degree in Exercise and Sport Science. This will enhance his opportunities and desire to work in the emergency medical eld upon his return to Florida. Although David’s amazing journey at BC will soon end, as a family we will continue our support of Bluefield College in any way possible. We wholeheartedly see the value in giving back to Bluefield College so future students may have an opportunity to obtain a quality Christ-centered education at this remarkable institution.

David had the opportunity to attend Bluefield College because of scholarship support through the BC Fund. The BC Fund provides annual scholarships, athletic support, classroom technology, and academic program support at Bluefield College. As families of BC students, you now have the opportunity to show your love and support for the College by giving to the BC Fund. If you haven’t made a gift to the Bluefield College Fund, consider starting today with a gift of $100. David, his classmates, and possibly your own son or daughter are direct beneficiaries of your generous support.

Sincerely yours,


David and Susan Cizmadia
Proud parents of David Cizmadia ‘18
Go Rams!

P.S. BC Giving Day is April 26. This day of giving is for families like you to show BC students just how much you love BC! We hope you’ll get involved by making your gift today and then follow BC’s progress online at