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Your contributions to the Bluefield College Fund support every student, every day.

Each year, the Bluefield College Fund (BC Fund) aims to raise more than $500,000 from alumni, parents, and friends of BC. The BC Fund supports all parts of the college and is a vital source of revenue to provide the college with the fiscal flexibility to innovate and respond quickly and decisively to our students’ greatest needs.

When making a gift to the BC Fund, you can make your voice heard by choosing a priority for your gift.

BC Fund Priorities

  • Where Need is Greatest: Provide financial support for Bluefield College's highest priorities, as identified by faculty, staff, and students.
  • Scholarships: Support students through scholarships that help ensure they have the opportunity to experience the transformation you did.
  • Online Programs: Strengthen the college's online learning environment through support of online faculty and technologies. This will help lay the foundation for the future success of our online offerings and the students who benefit from these flexible programs.
  • Student Support: Bolster the array of experiences that enable our students to develop their talents and leadership skills.
  • Ram Club (Athletic Support): Join others in supporting the athletic programs at Bluefield College. Through the Ram Club, you will help under-gird athletic scholarships, complete facility upgrades, develop key athletic programs, and provide other support for BC student-athletes.
  • Academic Support: Sustain the quality education provided at Bluefield College by helping BC hire and retain outstanding faculty and provide scholarships to carry on our rich academic tradition. Your gift would also support tutorials, student research, and many other resources and opportunities that contribute to BC's academic excellence.

Make your gift today to help ensure the continuing value of a Bluefield College degree for all alumni.

Interested in starting a scholarship in your name or in honor of someone such as a parent, a teacher, or an organization? Contact Joshua Grubb, Director of Development and Alumni Affairs, at 276.326.4208 or

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