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The Bluefield College Office of Alumni Relations and the Student Success Office are proud to announce the pilot Bluefield College Alumni Mentor Program.

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Complete the questionnaire at the link below in order to speak with us about your interest in the program.

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This program will enable alumni to share their professional and personal experiences with current students. As alumni, you have the power to inspire, motivate, and support BC students. Your knowledge, experience, and insight will help students maximize their BC experience and open their eyes to opportunities and challenges they will face after graduation. This program will give you an opportunity to further the mission of Bluefield College by helping develop transformational servant leaders.

You do not have to be on campus to help fellow BC Rams. Whether you live locally or not, you are invited to be a part of the Bluefield College Alumni Mentor Program. This is a new program and may change as we adapt to our student needs and our alumni participation in the program. If you find that we have not answered questions you have, please feel free to reach out to Josh Grubb, Alumni Director. Your feedback is always welcomed.

How do I get started?
  1. If you are interested in being a part of the mentor program, please fill out the questionnaire below.
  2. You’ll get a call from the Alumni Office to talk more about your passion to serve as a mentor.
  3. The Office of Alumni Relations and ACE will work to match you with a student mentee and will schedule a time for the two of you to either meet in person or by phone.
  4. You and your mentee will determine and develop the nature of your mentorship relationship. Below are a few ideas, but you are not limited to one of these:
    1. Career advice
    2. Post-graduation advice
    3. Goal setting and accountability – help them set SMART goals and then help hold them accountable
    4. Spiritual advice/guidance
    5. Encouragement – check-ins during exam weeks and send a card every now and then
    6. Prayer – Pray with and for your mentee. You were in their shoes at some point and know how stressful college can be.
What will be expected of me?
  1. We’d like for you to interact with your mentee at least once per month either in-person, by phone, or virtually using a program like Skype.
  2. When you and your mentee have determined the nature of your mentorship relationship, we will ask that you fill out a short form that will let our offices know what you decided and how often you will be meeting or talking.
  3. We hope that you will get just as much out of this mentorship relationship as your student mentee. 
What is NOT expected of me?
  1. Mentors are not expected to offer jobs or internships to their mentee.
  2. Mentors are not expected to ask their mentees to perform work for their organization.
  3. Mentors are not expected to have all the answers. The Career Services Department and Student Development are valuable resources to assist students in career and personal development. Please refer students to Student Development or Career Services to further help with guidance as they navigate their career paths.
  4. Mentors are not required to meet their mentee in person. Alumni from around the world are encouraged to participate.
How long will this last?
  1. A mentor/mentee relationship will typically last one semester.

Get started today. Complete the questionnaire below in order to speak with a member of the Alumni Office about your interest in the program.

Alumni Mentor Program

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