Alumni Directory Information

Detailed Schedule and Information

Schedule and Phoning Process
  • The first postcard will be mailed on Friday, February 14th and inbound phoning will begin Monday, February 17th.
  • The number that alumni will be using is (800)653.9821. This dedicated number is only effective for the Bluefield College project.
  • Outbound calling to alumni will begin on March 24th. Harris Connect calling hours are Monday through Friday, beginning at 8:00 AM and continuing until 9:00 PM across all time zones.
  • When Harris Connect calls, they will leave a pre-recorded message if they reach your voice mail.
  • Alumni will have until May 5th to update their listings and reserve a directory.
  • An e-mail broadcast for the online bookstore is sent a couple of weeks before the end of the update phase to all alumni who have not purchased a directory. The online bookstore will be available for two weeks after the update phase for directory reservations only.

Caller ID
  • The phone number displayed on caller ID is (757)962-8857 and reads "DIRECTORY OFC." Please note that some local carriers may still show the name as "Harris Pub."

The Call
  • When representatives call alumni, they will state that they are calling from Harris Connect, which is under contract with Bluefield College.
  • The representative will then walk you through your listing. Before the call is ended, you will have an opportunity to reserve a copy of the directory. Harris Connect will gladly honor requests to be excluded from the directory.
    • Also, Harris Connect will generally update information with alumni, a spouse, or the parent if the alumnus/alumna is a college student, in the military, overseas, or something of that nature.
  • When Harris Connect starts the outbound campaign, they will contact alumni who have not yet phoned in. If you are contacted at an inconvenient time, they will give you the number you can use to call back or they will call you at a later time.

Bluefield College Alumni Directory Publication
  • Harris Connect will offer a hardbound edition (Collector’s Edition), but will also have a softbound edition (Regular Edition) of the book. The difference between the two directories is the cover and the binding. You may also purchase a CD, or a combination of a CD and either the Collector’s Edition or softbound edition.
  • If you are not interested in purchasing the printed edition or the entire CD, you will be offered the opportunity to purchase a Reunion CD, which contains five classes: your graduating class and the surrounding four years.
  • If you choose to make a reservation, you can pay by credit card, debit card, or check by phone. You will receive a confirmation from Harris Connect within a week that breaks down the cost of the purchase, including product price, shipping and handling, and any applicable sales tax.
  • In the event that an alumnus/alumna chooses not to make a reservation, Harris Connect will emphasize that the directories are not available at a later time and that they won't be able to purchase them at a local bookstore or through the alumni association so that no one misses this opportunity. Harris Connect will also make sure that alumni have the dedicated toll-free number and the purchase deadline, in case they change their mind.


Directory Pricing
  • Harris connect offers a tiered pricing structure starting with the hard bound or CD-ROM at $99.99 then the soft bound at $79.99 or the Abridged CD-ROM at $24.99, as a lower priced alternative. Alumni who purchase a book can receive the CD at a discount. Complete pricing options are as follows

    • Hard bound cover: $99.99; shipping and handling $18.95
    • Hard bound/CD-ROM combo: $109.99; shipping and handling $18.95
    • CD-ROM: $99.99; shipping and handling; $10.95
    • Soft bound cover: $79.99; shipping and handling $18.95
    • Soft bound cover/CD-ROM combo: $99.99; shipping and handling $18.95
    • Abridged CD-ROM: $24.99; shipping and handling $10.95
    • Applicable sales tax is added to the total based on state of residence

Magazine Offer
  • In addition, alumni who make a purchase with a credit card will have the opportunity to take advantage of a special discount offer from Magazine Direct. There is no obligation for them to accept this additional offer.