The BC Fund for Scholarships

The 2013 BC Fund for Scholarships Goal $580,000

Scholarships for students come in a varity of forms like athletics, fine arts, or for specific fields of study. Ask about establishing a scholarship today.

Your contribution to the BC Fund supports scholarship programs at Bluefield College. Your generosity directly impacts the financial needs of students who might otherwise be unable to pursue their education.

More than 95 percent of our students receive some form of financial assistance through academic- and/or need-based scholarships. The need for scholarships and aid continues to grow each year with increased enrollment. This is not to mention the ever increasing tuition levels that students are facing nationwide. At Bluefield College we seek to help students bear the brunt of that cost with help from generous donors like you. Last year alone 57% of total funds raised went to students. Please make a gift today to support the BC Fund for Scholarships.

Individuals may also begin a scholarship in their name or in honor of another individual, such as a parent, a teacher, or an organization like a church. To discuss the establishment of a scholarship please contact Annette Tabor at (276) 326-4211. We also encourage you to share with your friends and family about the College in helping promote a Christian liberal-arts college education, and see if they would be interested in providing aid also!

I want to financially support a student today!