Tuition Payment Plan

As a convenience to our students, Bluefield College offers an option to make tuition payments on a monthly basis through a company called TuitionPay. TuitionPay is a monthly payment plan that is an interest-free alternative to lump-sum payments at registration time. It allows you to spread your payments over a period of months, interest free.

The two plans available are 10 and four months, depending on the date you sign up. The 10-month plan is available for the academic year balance due only and must be signed up for during April, May, or June before the fall semester begins. The four-month plan is for the semester only and must be completed before the Bluefield College deadline date for fall semester payment. After fall semester is over, you must sign up with TuitionPay for the spring semester. The first payment of TuitionPay must be paid by Bluefield College’s deadline, not TuitionPay’s deadline. All additional payments must be paid by TuitionPay’s deadlines.

TuitionPay charges an enrollment fee, beginning at $35 for the four-month plan and $55 for the 10-month plan, when you apply and pay online. If/when you use a credit card or e-check, TuitionPay has additional charges that range from 2.5% to 3.5%, based on the monthly payment amount charged.

The TuitionPay payment plan is the only plan made available to Bluefield College students for any balance due on the student’s accounts after scholarships, grants, and loans have been considered. A student is not considered enrolled in the TuitionPay plan until payment of the enrollment fee and the first monthly payment have been made.

Contact TuitionPay at 1(800)635.0120 (phone registration is not available, must register online) or by visiting