Eligibility Information

In order to be eligible for financial aid, students must meet the following requirements:

  • be fully admitted to an eligible degree program,
  • be enrolled for 16 weeks (which requires you to enroll and participate in at least one 3 credit-hour course each eight weeks), and
  • in order to reach full-time status and receive maximum financial aid, you will need to enroll and participate in at least two 3 credit-hour courses each eight weeks.

Enrollment & Academic Decisions Affecting Your Aid Eligibility

Your financial aid award is an estimate of your federal, state, and institutional eligibility. Factors which could change, lower, or even eliminate your financial aid eligibility include:

  • not attending, failing to participate, dropping, or withdrawing from courses and/or terms you are registered to attend,
  • completely withdrawing,
  • failing to properly withdraw,
  • failing to maintain Financial Aid satisfactory academic progress,
  • providing incomplete or inaccurate information during the application process,
  • receiving additional sources of aid (such as outside grants or private loans),
  • receiving aid above the amount of tuition,
  • changing enrollment level (some scholarships require full-time enrollment; Stafford loans require half-time enrollment),
  • changing between on-campus to an online student status, and vice versa,
  • defaulting on a student loan or having an unresolved federal grant overpayment,
  • providing false or misleading information,
  • receiving federal aid for the same academic year at another institution,
  • repeating a course for which you already received a passing grade more than once,
  • attending more than four years, and
  • failure to meet scholarship stipulations.