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Below are some frequently asked questions we hear from our students. If you can't find the answer you are looking for, feel free to contact our office at or chat with us now!

Do I qualify for the Online Degree Program?

View the overall admission requirements for the Online Degree Program.

How do I apply to attend Bluefield College?

You can apply online or call one of the Online Degree Program Admissions Counselors.

Is financial aid available?

Yes. To begin the financial aid process, before anything else, applicants need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Once this document is completed, you will be informed about the amount and type of aid that is available.

I have attended several colleges and universities. Can I send you a photocopy of my transcript(s)?

Yes, and we can talk with you about your courses from a photocopy of your educational transcript(s), but to get a formal evaluation and an advising plan of study from Bluefield College, you will need to contact each and every institution of higher learning (i.e., college or university) that you have attended and request for that institution to send an “official educational transcript” in a sealed envelope to the registrar at Bluefield College. Colleges and universities are used to this request and will know exactly what to do, but you must start the process.

Can I receive credit toward my degree for my military and law enforcement training?

Yes, credit may be awarded based upon documentation that you supply. You may submit a copy of your DD214 for evaluation of possible credits. Also, do request an official photocopy of your transcript of your basic police academy records to be submitted for possible credits. The registrar needs the dates, description of activities, and total hours reported by the academy.

Can I get evaluated without applying to your college or by using my unofficial transcripts?

No, you are required to complete an application. Completing an application allows us to establish a candidate’s record, store a student’s contact information, and compile your educational data for continued evaluation. In addition, official educational transcripts are needed to confirm information accuracy and that the information comes directly from the learning institution.

Can I take a test to gain college credits?

Yes, some general education courses and elective course requirements may be met through testing. Learn more about the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) and Dantes Subject Standardized Tests (DSST).

What resources are available to help me complete the Online Degree Program at Bluefield College?

Bluefield College has many resources that are designed to help students be successful in the Online Degree Program.

Where can I learn more about Bluefield College’s Online Degree Program?

To learn more about Bluefield College’s Online Program: (1) you can attend an information meeting; (2) you can call, e-mail, or visit one of the Online Degree Program Admissions Counselors; or (3) you can visit our Online Degree Program on the web.

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  • The online, eight-week course format allows you to complete your advanced degree quickly, while getting a quality education.
  • Online programs allow students the opportunity to complete their degree without sacrificing professional and personal commitments.
  • Bluefield is ranked among the Top 50 Baccalaureate Colleges in the South in U.S. News & World Report.
  • The Financial Aid staff at Bluefield College is available to guide you through the process of paying for your education.
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