Transfer to Bluefield College

Let us be your Second Thought!

Don’t worry, it happens to thousands of college students every year. Whether it is simply time to transition from a two-year to a four-year college, or you just don’t seem to have a perfect fit at the college you are currently attending; we are confident that the decision to transfer to Bluefield College will be one of the best second thoughts you will have in your life!

The mission of Bluefield College is to develop transformational servant leaders while students are enrolled at our inclusive, Christ-Centered learning community. This mission is, no doubt, very similar to the goals you have in your own life. Your passion to be a teacher may have started from a desire to serve children with love and encouragement as you prepare them for their future. Your dream of being a doctor comes from a desire to help people change their lives through proper and timely care of their bodies. Your desire to serve in law enforcement may come from a yearning to lead your community to new heights of unity and integrity. We are convinced that your goals and dreams can be achieved through the educational opportunities Bluefield College has to offer and we are certain that whatever your pursuits are, we can show you how your faith has a vital role in your career that is to come!

We know that the decision to transfer leads students to numerous opportunities as you take the next steps laid out for you. The faculty and staff of Bluefield College want to partner with you and help provide you with everything you need to put your goals and your future on a firm foundation of sound knowledge and impactful character. We may be your second thought, but we are willing to join with you to show you how your goals can transition from ideas in your heart to the tangible joys of your life!

A message from your Admissions Counselor: We at Bluefield College know that as you research your transfer options, the availability of the right information is important to you. If you find yourself struggling to find the answers you need here on our website, it is no burden for me to answer your questions over the phone or by e-mail.

I hope to speak with you soon!

Timothy Hegerich
Transfer Counselor