Homeschool Students

We realize the increasing need of home-school families to locate a Christ-centered college that can expand upon the commitment, conviction, and sacrifice made by parents through home schooling. We believe that that our low student to teacher ratio (11:1) provides a more personalized education than larger colleges can offer.

Our faculty will get to know you and mentor you through the college process. They are available to meet with you after class, talk with you, tutor you, or encourage you in any way. We take pride in the fact that in our Biology and Chemistry Departments, all our faculty members are Creationists.
All our faculty and staff on campus are committed Christians with written statements of faith on file.
Our full-time campus minister is available on campus to meet with you and be there to assist in whatever ways he can.

Because of this and many more reasons, Bluefield College has a growing population of former home-schooled students who are thriving here! Come join us and find out about what it's like to take the Bluefield Challenge!

Admission of home-schooled students will be based on the following:

  1. Submission of official Scholastic Assessment Test Scores (SAT) or official test results from the American Testing Program (ACT).
  2. Submission of a written description and transcript of the home-school experience.
  3. Completion of an on-campus interview conducted by the Director of Admissions. (The interview will be utilized only when clarification is needed.)