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Attention High School Students

Students enrolled in the dual-enrollment program at Bluefield College may take sufficient course offerings leading to an Associate of Science Degree in General Studies if they begin the program as a sophomore.

High school sophomores with a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale may take up to six semester hours/semester at a cost of $175 per course. High school juniors and seniors with a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale may take up to 13 semester hours/semester, also at a cost of $175 per course.

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Interested students must:
  1. complete a non-degree seeking application online;
  2. submit a letter of permission from their high school principal or guidance counselor (or homeschool parent); and
  3. submit a high school transcript.

Interested students should direct questions to the Office of Admissions at 276.326.4231.

Note: Dual-enrollment students will also be subject to institutional policies pertaining to academic warning, probation, and suspension. Please see the map below for all states that Bluefield College is licensed to offer dual enrollment.

Dual Enrollment Statement

You have elected to enroll in a college level course with high expectations. Each course is different in its requirements to include theory, application, and depth of reflection and research. Occasionally, the title of a course has been chosen to broadly describe the course content. Please do not make any assumptions about the course based on the title or your preferences for learning a subject. As a Dual Enrollment student, you should communicate with the instructor to gauge your ability to meet these requirements within the first 2 days of the course--prior to census--giving you time to select another option if you believe the course requirements might extend beyond your current level of learning. Course expectations will neither change nor be amended for you as a Dual Enrollment student since courses are designed to meet certain learning objectives and produce specific learning outcomes.

Dual Enrollment Guide