Federal Direct Stafford Loan Entrance Counseling

All students who are borrowing a Federal Direct Stafford Loan for the first time from Bluefield College must complete an online Entrance Counseling Session before any Federal Direct Stafford Loan funds will be disbursed.

The purpose of the Entrance Counseling is to provide you (the borrower) with your rights and responsibilities before you borrow a Federal Direct Stafford Loan. It will cover the importance of repayment, the consequences of default, the use of the Master Promissory Note, and provide sample monthly repayment amounts. You can access the Entrance Counseling session online through studentaid.gov. Entrance Counseling is in the form of an online session that you (the borrower) must read and answer questions.

Federal Direct Stafford Loan Exit Counseling

If you received a Federal Direct Loan at Bluefield College and meet any of the three criteria below, you are required to complete a Direct Stafford Loan Exit Counseling session.

  1. You have withdrawn from all classes at Bluefield College.
  2. You have dropped below half-time status at Bluefield College (five credits for graduate students or six credits for undergraduate students).
  3. You are graduating from Bluefield College.

You will receive email notification if you need to complete the online Exit Counseling Session at studentaid.gov. To access the Exit Counseling session, you will need your FAFSA User ID. During the session, you will need to provide your expected permanent address, the phone number of two family members, and the name and address of your expected employer (if known).

This Exit Counseling session will provide you with your rights and responsibilities as you start to repay your Federal Direct Stafford Loan and will cover the importance of repaying your loan, your repayment options, deferment and forbearance, and reasons for loan cancellation.

Federal Student Aid Ombudsman

Should you have a problem regarding your federal student loan(s) after you enter repayment and other reasonable efforts have failed, we recommend you try contacting the Federal Student Aid Ombudsman.

Possible Ombudsman Office Actions
  1. Propose solutions to discrepancies in loan balances and payments.
  2. Clarify interest and collection charges.
  3. Clarify financial aid requirements.
  4. Find loan holders.
  5. Rehabilitate loans by establishing satisfactory repayment plans.
  6. Reestablish eligibility for Federal Aid.
  7. Find promissory notes.
  8. Defer or discharge loans.
  9. Resolve issues related to income tax refund offsets, default status,
  10. Consolidations, or bankruptcies.
  11. Service quality, and any other customer concerns.

You can contact the FSA Student Loan Ombudsman Group at:

FSA Ombudsman Group
P.O. Box 1843
Monticello, KY 42633
Phone: 877.557.2575
Fax: 606.396.4821