Outside Coursework

In order to complete your degree at Bluefield College, there may be courses you need to take elsewhere.

There are restrictions and specific steps you need to take in order to qualify for financial aid for those courses. Please carefully review the following information before proceeding with outside coursework.

  1. There are limits to which courses and the number of courses you can take elsewhere.
  2. Your first step is to discuss your needs with the professionals of the Registrar's Office. Obtain permission from the Registrar to take the course(s) from another institution.
  3. Clearly communicate to the other institution that your "home" institution (Bluefield College) will be obtaining financial aid for your courses. Aid should be given from the degree-granting institution (Bluefield College), not the other school, and you may not receive at two schools for the same or overlapping period.
  4. Talk to your financial aid counselor regarding your plans to ensure we can obtain aid for you to attend the other school.
  5. Keep in mind that we cannot include your hours taken elsewhere toward your full-time requirement for the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant (VTAG).
  6. Once you have researched your eligibility with both the Registrar's Office and Financial Aid, you may proceed with registering and paying for the outside course(s). Your aid may not be in place at Bluefield College in time to pay for the course you are taking elsewhere.
  7. Financial Aid will require the following documents (in addition to the routine processing) in order to obtain aid for you:
    1. completed and approved Bluefield College Transient Course Approval Form (from Registrar Forms),
    2. proof of your registration in the approved class or classes at the visiting institution,
    3. proof of your payment/cost in full for the class or classes at the visiting institution,
    4. completed and approved Consortium Agreement Form (from Financial Aid Forms and Resources), and
    5. confirmation from the visiting institution that you have persisted in the course or courses (generally will not be provided until the visiting school's census date has passed).
  8. You must also request that a properly certified transcript of academic credit from the visiting school be sent to the Bluefield College Registrar's Office immediately following the conclusion of the semester.