Ordering System for Library Materials

The ordering of library materials is organized under a system of divisional allocations of funds.

Each division receives an allocation for book purchases. Requesting books is done by submitting book order requests. Requests are made using library order forms. These forms permit the preparation of three copies of each request. Please be certain to note the title, name of the author, and ISBN number for each book requested. All book requests must be signed by the appropriate division chair. Faculty keep the last copy and forward the two remaining copies to Werner Lind, who receives all requests for print materials. Orders are placed and faculty will be notified once books arrive and are cataloged. Order forms may be requested from the library.

Audiovisual materials may be requested through the library AV budget. Please use the same multipart form, and note at the top that it is an AV request. AV requests will be honored as the budget allows, and earliest requests will be honored first. All AV requests should be sent to Barbara.

January 1 is the deadline for requests. All orders must be completed and materials received before June 30 to be included in that budget year. The deadline is necessary to meet library acquisition and business office guidelines for completion of paperwork. If you have any questions concerning the acquisition of library materials, please be in touch with Werner or Paula.

Special Note from Werner

Book reviews might be of use to you in recommending items for purchase by the library. Currently, the database Academic Search Complete provides access to book reviews from Booklist (full-text coverage from 2002 to the present with an embargo of 14 days) and Library Journal (full-text coverage from 1976 to the present). Choice magazine is available in full-text from 2010 to the present in the database Literature Resource Center.

Faculty who wish to receive photocopies of book reviews in their subject area(s) from Booklist and Library Journal should let me know; I will then put the reviews in your box in Lansdell.

When the library receives discipline-specific publisher’s announcements or catalogs, I normally pass these on to the head of that department or school. Sometimes such materials are passed on to a faculty person other than the chair if I know they relate specifically to a course only he/she teaches or if the person has a special interest in the advertised materials that other faculty do not.

Publisher’s general book catalogs go into a file cabinet drawer in my office. You are welcome to browse through these if you wish. I may at times put tear sheets in your box with information about books, which you may (or may not) be interested in recommending for purchase. Also, I may sometimes put tear sheets from my backlog of older book reviews in your box with titles marked in which you might be interested.

Contact Information

Werner Lind
Co-Director of Library Services; Librarian