Types of Instruction

Instruction is offered in group or class sessions (arranged by the classroom faculty member) and in individual sessions (scheduled appointment or point-of-use instruction) by the reference librarian on duty.

First-Year Students

Library instruction is provided for all freshmen in their first year of English classes.

Students learn how to:
  • Locate and check out library materials.
  • Understand that materials not owned by the library can be obtained from other sources.
  • Focus and articulate their information need and identify key concepts of their topic.
  • Use key concepts to find resources on a topic by using the online catalog, online databases, and other resources as needed.
  • Locate and interpret bibliographic citations from the search results and locate the materials cited.
  • Evaluate the information retrieved, discerning the strengths, limitations, and usefulness in relation to the topic.
  • Incorporate retrieved information into a research project.

Upper Level Instruction

The reference librarians serve as liaisons to the academic departments. In this role, they collaborate with faculty members and teach students how to conduct library research in their majors. Faculty members are encouraged to contact the liaisons to schedule library instruction sessions.

Guidelines for Scheduling

  • One week notice is needed by the librarian for all library instruction sessions.
  • Instruction can be as specific or as general as needed. It can be geared to finding general resources, resources for a particular subject, or resources for a specific assignment.
  • Groups up to six people can be instructed in the library.
  • Groups over six people have two options:
    1. Divide your class up into two groups or more and schedule a session for each group in the library (during regular class time or outside of class time).
    2. Reserve a computer lab by emailing Dena Monroe in the Registrar's Office.
  • Anyone can make an appointment for library instruction individually in the library. It should not be made a requirement for all students in a class to make individual appointments. The library does not have the staff to accommodate that many individual instruction sessions.
  • To schedule library instruction, you may email Paula Beasley or call ext. 4269, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.