Through the Honors Program at Bluefield College, students have the opportunity to engage in exclusive, specially focused general education classes and seminars.

They can participate in an interdisciplinary junior seminar that integrates various areas of knowledge, culminating in a significant research project. The program prepares students for graduate school by creating sound documents that demonstrate writing and research skills. It develops camaraderie with other students interested in expanding their academic horizons through international honor societies, such as Alpha Chi, and attending regional and national conferences.


Students must:

  • Have an ACT score of 25, SAT score of 1150 (Math and Critical Reading sections), or be eligible for the Bluefield College Presidential Scholarship.
  • Submit the application below, including essays.

Program Requirements

Membership requires:

  • Six (6) Honors general education courses (18-19 credit hours): chosen from English, Social Science, History, Communications, Fine Arts, Christian Studies, Natural Science, and Health.
  • Honors Junior Seminar (3 credit hours) – an in-depth interdisciplinary investigation of issues in students’ majors, culminating in a term project of the students’ design.
  • Honors Senior Seminar (1 credit hour) – discussions of a jointly agreed upon “Great Book.”


  • Honors BIO 4503 – Biology Lives
  • Honors COM 4503 – Artful Speech from Aristotle to Zizzy Zoomers
  • Honors CST 4503 – Who was Jesus?
  • Honors ENG 4503 – Literature of Journey and the Quest
  • Honors ENG 4503 – The Personal Quest
  • Honors HIS 4503 – Playing History: World Civilization, Ancient to 1500
  • Honors MUS 4503 – Music Appreciation
  • Honors PSY 2503 – Search for the Heart of Modern Man: the Psychology of Religion

The Honors Program at Bluefield College is a wonderful opportunity for students to take discussion-based classes that provide a deeper look into subjects and how they relate to us. As an Honors student, you have so many opportunities to excel in academics.

Hannah Winter, Amelia, VA, Class of 2016

Bluefield College Honors Program Application



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