Nursing: RN-BSN Degree Outcomes

Upon completion of the program the graduate will be able to:

  1. Integrate evidenced-based knowledge from nursing, the performing and fine arts, humanities, including theology, mathematical sciences, life sciences, & social sciences in implementing the practice of holistic, caring professional nursing.
  2. Demonstrate skills in critical thinking, decision making & the nursing process with individuals, families, groups, communities, & populations.
  3. Demonstrate competence in implementing the nursing roles as designers of care, coordinators of care, & managers of care in a variety of health care settings.
  4. Empower individuals to function at their highest level of ability through caring, respect, mutual goal setting, advocacy, & education.
  5. Collaborate with interprofessional members regarding patient wellness, health promotion, illness, disease management, restoration & palliative & end-of life care across the life span at individual & population levels.
  6. Employ effective communication, technologies & information management skills (listening, verbal, nonverbal, technology, & written) to deliver safe, quality patient care working with diverse cultures.
  7. Demonstrate leadership skills in coordinating & delegating care using quality improvement delivery outcome measures.
  8. Incorporate professional values, roles, responsibilities, code of ethics & standards into professional nursing practice.
  9. Accept personal accountability & responsibilities, code of ethics & standards into professional nursing practice.
  10. Accept personal accountability & responsibility for pursuing practice excellence, lifelong learning & the advancement of the profession.
  11. Apply research findings to nursing practice, participating in both development of and utilization applying and exploring scientific evidence for the advancement and enhancement or healthcare populations.
  12. Access, use, and evaluate information effectively and appropriately applying technology in a variety of settings.
  13. Utilize peer review with the interprofessional health care team.