Early Childhood Education Curriculum

Within the online format based on an Engage/Apply/Reflect framework, the Early Childhood Education major embodies the College's vision of preparing innovative learners and transformational leaders to impact the world.

ECE 2013 Foundations of Early Childhood Development 3 SH
ECE 2023 Safe & Healthy Settings for the Young Child 3 SH
ECE 2033 Infant/Toddler/Child Development 3 SH
ECE 2043 Guiding Young Children 3 SH
ECE 3053 Creative Development 3 SH
ECE 3063 Body-Brain Based Learning 3 SH
ECE 3073 Designing Physical Environments 3 SH
ECE 3083 Observing & Assessing Young Children 3 SH
ECE 4093 Program Development for Young Children 3 SH
ECE 4103 Family, School, & Community Involvement 3 SH
EDU 2212 Introduction to Instructional Media and Technology 2 SH
EDU 3133 Introduction to the Exceptional Child 3 SH
EDU 3163 Methods in Teaching PREK-6 Mathematics 3 SH
EDU 3193 Methods in Teaching PREK-6 Science & Social Studies 3 SH
ENG 3053 Literature of Children and Adolescence 3 SH
ECE 2011 Introduction to Early Childhood Field Experience (20 Field Hours) 1 SH
ECE 3113/3133 Early Childhood Program Management (120 Field Hours) 6 SH
ECE 4123/4143 Early Childhood Practicum (120 Hours) 6 SH

From textbook and journal reading, to PowerPoint presentations, podcasts, videos, discussion boards, live chat, interactive games, and additional ever-emerging strategies, effective instruction will be explored.


From formal papers to measuring the results of strategies, from student surveys to interviewing colleagues, from developing school, community, or classroom projects to reviewing online learning games, and from doing library research to presenting topics in various formats, course assignments will connect with the classroom.


From discussion boards and emails, from telephone calls to texts, from journals to essay questions, from web logs to formal papers, and from self-evaluations and article critiques, continual growth as a teaching professional will be encouraged.