On Campus and Online

The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) provides comprehensive tutoring services.

We have tutors available in many subjects, along with flexible hours to fit students’ schedules. Students may benefit from peer-led one-on-one support and small group study sessions. All services are free of charge to BC students.

ACE tutors 2016-17
ACE tutors 2016-17

Math and Writing Drop-in Labs

Math and writing labs provide students with specific hours during the week when they can drop by the ACE or the Library to receive help from one of our math or writing tutors. Math tutors can help with developmental math all the way up to calculus. Writing tutors are able to assist with writing for any class offered at the college. Their main goal is to help students become the best writers they can be by offering tools and suggestions to improve writing ability.

Online Tutoring

Bluefield College online and traditional students are encouraged to take advantage of Grammarly writing help and Smarthinking tutoring services available through MyBC. For more information about tutoring services, please contact Wayne Pelts at .

ACE made getting a tutor really convenient because I knew that a tutor would be available whenever I needed help. I have never had a bad experience in ACE.

Kristen Thomas, Interdisciplinary Studies, North Tazewell, VA