The Academic Center for Excellence

The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) is the place for academic support. ACE offers a wide variety of services, including tutoring, academic coaching, disability services, and testing services. The staff in ACE has a great desire to see all students succeed at Bluefield College and believes that academic support enables students to access vital assistance when striving to succeed in their college careers.

ACE Resources

CLEP and DSST testing is offered through the ACE center. For a list of tests that are available, please follow these links.

CLEP Tests Available DSST Tests Available

To schedule a test or obtain more information, contact the director of ACE.

Director of Student Success and Retention Services

Brenda Workman


For comprehensive information regarding the services and resources of the ACE Center on the Bluefield College campus, please visit ACE at MyBC.

Tutor Request Form


Hannah Mayo

Class of 2016

“Everyone was really helpful and positive. They always made sure I understood what I was doing before I left. They also didn't mind to just listen to me 'talk out' math problems or to read my papers. They were awesome!"