Upholding our core values

Bluefield College is committed to the pursuit of truth, the dissemination of knowledge, and the high ideals of personal honor and respect for the rights of others.

These goals can only be achieved in a setting in which intellectual honesty and personal integrity are highly valued and other individuals are respected. This academic code of conduct reflects our corporate and earnest desire to live lives of honor that are above reproach, based upon Christian principles. Each member of the community is called upon to understand and agree to its concepts and to operate within its spirit.

  • Honor is an ideal and an obligation that exists in the human spirit and lives in the relations between human beings. An honorable person shall not lie or cheat or steal.
  • In all scholarly work produced by community members, academic honesty is inherent and apparent, the work being the original work of the author unless credit is given through the use of citations and references.
  • In all relationships, the college community expects respect and integrity between its members and toward all peoples and organizations. Honesty and civility are required elements of an effective learning environment. Truthfulness and respect for others are shared values of Bluefield College and are expected characteristics of its members.
  • Students at Bluefield College commit to the ideals of integrity, individual responsibility, and mutual respect when they sign the Honor Code during the President’s Convocation.
  • The Honor Code affirms the core values of Bluefield College to “develop students’ potential through academic excellence and the intentional integration of faith, the liberal arts, and professional studies;” and to “create a caring community characterized by respect, support, and encouragement for each member of our College community.”

Honor shall uphold the humble in spirit.

Proverbs 29:23