IST FAQ for Parents and Students

The information included below is a summary of some of the most frequently asked questions IST receives.


Accounts are provided by IST. Admissions will send the final logon information to your personal email account. After all the steps are completed, your logon will change to your username and your password will sync across all platforms. IST does not support the use of any outside email accounts (Google, Yahoo). All official Bluefield College communication from our faculty/staff to students will be sent to the student's Bluefield College email account.


MyID is a self-service password management system. You will receive instructions for how to register on this system when you receive your student credentials. Passwords expire once a year. Registering on this system will ensure you receive notices about password expirations and allow you to reset your password if lost/forgotten without IST assistance. You may access MyID at and a video tutorial on how to use it HERE.

Support Requests

Support Requests, or tickets, can be made on MyBC via our Support Tab. A note will be placed on the request and if it has not received a response within 48 hours, the ticket will close with an assumption the issue has been resolved. If the issue persists, please put in another ticket. If you are unable to logon to MyBC, please email or call 276.326.4545.

Computer Labs

Computer Labs are in the Science Center 102 (Mac), 103, 106, and 109. The operating hours are from 7 a.m. to 12 a.m. To gain access to the labs, use your ID cards on the card readers to unlock the door. Every lab is under 24/7 video surveillance. Secondary labs are also available in the Library, ACE Center, School of Education, Cox Visual Art Center, and in the Chapel. The secondary labs operate under the supervision of the areas in which they are located and are subject to different hours. Food or drinks are not allowed in any lab environment. You will be asked to dispose of any food/drink if caught. You will be asked to leave the lab if you fail to comply.


Printing is available for students on campus. Each semester, IST loads student accounts with $25.00 of credit. This equates to 500 sheets of one-sided black and white pages, or 100 sheets of color. Students may also print from their own personal devices using our Web Print services. More information on Web Print is available from IST.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is the email system we use. With Office 365, you have access to Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage, numerous other web applications, and a copy of the latest version of Microsoft Office for FREE.

To install Microsoft Office:
  1. Logon to your email account;
  2. click on the Settings Menu Icon;
  3. click the Office365 link;
  4. click Install Status and follow the instructions on the screen.

Note: This will only work on Windows and Mac desktops, not tablets, mobile devices, or ChromeOS; however, our Office365 license does entitle you to use the Microsoft Office apps for iOS, which you will need to download separately from the iTunes App Store.


WiFi coverage is available throughout residence halls, classrooms, administrative areas, and many public areas such as the quad, parking lots, etc. To connect to the WiFi, select the appropriate network to join (e.g., students should join the STUDENTS network). You will be required to sign in with your Bluefield College account and complete a registration process. This includes a scan to ensure you have an active anti-virus software and system updates installed. To register devices from home before you visit campus, please visit and

Technology Discounts

Technology Discounts are available for Bluefield College students. Students wishing to purchase from Dell will benefit from our Dell University Program (link available on MyBC). Students wishing to purchase Apple products should navigate to Apple's Education Store and search for Bluefield College to obtain a small discount. Also, students are able to obtain discounts on various software packages through our partnership with

Note: You may have to provide proof of your enrollment status with Bluefield College in order to participate in discount programs. Also know, Bluefield College does not receive any financial benefit from these programs, nor do we endorse any particular hardware or software applications. These benefits are simply made available to you as a service.

If you have additional questions or recommendations, please email .