Goals for student Achievement

In accordance with the College's mission to be a "Christ-centered learning community developing servant leaders to transform the world," Bluefield College is committed to a breadth of student achievement goals. The institution evaluates student achievement in a number of ways; measures of student success include graduation rates, course completion rates, state and national licensure exams, entrance exams, and job placement. This information is used by the institution, as a component of Bluefield College's overall assessment of academic and student quality and achievement. This identification of student achievement goals and the collection and interpretation of evidence is available from the Office of Academic Affairs and in the Institutional Effectiveness Handbook.

Six-Year Graduation Rate
Retention Rates
Freshmen (F2F)
Transfer (F2F)
Course Completion Rates
At least 80% of F2F and DL students complete courses in which they enrolled. Completion rates will be comparable between F2F and DL.
 F2F and DL students should be completing courses at the same level. The five-year average for course completions is 90% or more
Satisfaction Surveys
National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)
BC will be comparable to peers on most engagement indicators
National benchmarking data
Licensing and Entrance Exams and Certifications
Praxis I and II
Criminal Justice
At least a 90% pass rate on their licensure exams
Three year average and mandated by the licensing board for accredited programs
Job PlacementData by School 
Graduates are employed at 18 months post-graduation.  
Collecting baseline data  
Graduates are employed at 18 months post-graduation.  
Collecting baseline data 
Institutionally Reported Data
(As Provided by SCHEV and National Student ClearingHOuse)

Graduation Rates
"57% of all students entering in 2009-10 either graduated within an Extended Time-to-Completion or were continuing their enrollment in the final year of observation. These Student Success Index results are based on students completing at any Virginia institution." - Bluefield College Institutional Profile (SCHEV)