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Upcoming Events

Name Event Date
Last day to drop Term 1 courses and receive a full refundAcademics, Online ProgramsAugust 31,2015
Pursuit Women's Bible StudyCampus Event, Collegiate MinistriesAugust 31,2015
WVB vs. West Virginia University Institute of TechnologyAthletic EventSeptember 01,2015
Student Insurance DeadlineStudent DevelopmentSeptember 02,2015
President's ConvocationAcademics, Campus EventSeptember 02,2015
MSOC vs. Grace CollegeAthletic Event, Campus EventSeptember 02,2015
Young LifeCampus Event, Collegiate MinistriesSeptember 02,2015
Campus SafetyAcademic ConvocationSeptember 03,2015
WXC at Virginia TechAthletic EventSeptember 04,2015
i2i Presentation: Creativity at the CoreSeptember 04,2015
WSOC vs. Ohio ChristianAthletic EventSeptember 04,2015
MSOC vs. Ohio Christian UniversityAthletic EventSeptember 04,2015
Weekend CinemaResidence Life, Campus EventSeptember 04,2015
FB vs. Point UniversityAthletic Event, Campus EventSeptember 05,2015
ElevateCampus Event, Collegiate MinistriesSeptember 06,2015
Labor Day HolidayAcademics, Employee DatesSeptember 07,2015
Men's Bible Study LunchCampus Event, Collegiate MinistriesSeptember 08,2015
Invest in a Life Kick-OffCollegiate MinistriesSeptember 08,2015
WVB vs. MontreatAthletic EventSeptember 08,2015
ChapelCampus Event, Collegiate MinistriesSeptember 09,2015
WSOC vs. West Virginia TechAthletic EventSeptember 10,2015
Last day to drop Term 1 classes with a grade of "W"Academics, Online ProgramsSeptember 11,2015
i2i Presentation: Robert Frost PoetryAcademic ConvocationSeptember 11,2015
WVB vs. Columbia CollegeAthletic Event, Campus EventSeptember 11,2015
MSOC vs. Bethel CollegeAthletic EventSeptember 11,2015
Fall Open HouseAdmissions, Open Houses, Saturday Visit Days, Admissions Featured, Experience BluefieldSeptember 12,2015
WVB vs. St. AndrewsAthletic EventSeptember 12,2015
FB vs. Faulkner UniversitAthletic Event, Campus EventSeptember 12,2015
MSOC vs. Indiana Wesleyan UniversityAthletic EventSeptember 12,2015
IF Table-PursuitCollegiate MinistriesSeptember 13,2015