A Passion for Travel

Two strangers with the same passion to travel will cross paths at the quaint school of Bluefield College. Five hours from Pittsburgh, PA and six hours from King George, VA. Strangers, at first, but we quickly became friends through the course of our freshman year. We enjoyed each other's company, played countless games of Skip-Bo, shared endless antiquing and thrifting adventures, all while keeping up our academic standing. We learned to cherish each other and the friendship that blossomed. It is no wonder that when the opportunity of a lifetime came our way, we both jumped in feet first. Although, we have traveled extensively around the United States, we had never traveled abroad. That all changed in the summer of 2010 when we had the privilege to travel overseas to China!

Yes, the plane ride is long, the food is different, and the language is very foreign, but once you look past all the differences, you see how rich the culture is. Before we left the States someone told us, "You're either going to love it and want to come back or you're going to hate it and never want to return." The first statement is true for both of us. We learned to be flexible and open to new experiences and to seize every adventure for all its worth! Never miss the chance to make new friends—as they are what made the trip most memorable. We still correspond through email and greatly miss each other.

We are both determined to return to China and continue to explore as much of the world as possible. It isn't often a place so deeply etches itself on your heart, but when it does it is engraved to the very core of your being. We have both experienced that in a way we never imagined. All because the quaint school of Bluefield College provided a way for international travel, our passion to travel has been strengthened.

Emily & Hannah
Class of 2012