A Passion for Service

In the span of about two minutes my life was changed forever.

As I sat leisurely in my dorm room that night, I decided to look up something I had heard about called Love 146. After Google had found the web address for me I began to browse the website and clicked on the video clip that they had posted. The clip consisted of the founder of this non-profit organization talking about his experience with Human Sex Trafficking and the staggering statistics that go along with it. The video informed me that every minute two children are sold into sexual slavery, that it is estimated that more than twenty-seven million people are currently being held in bondage of sexual slavery, and that this number is significantly more than the amount of African-Americans held as slaves during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

After turning off that two minute video, I could do nothing but simply cry. My heart was completely broken for the twenty-seven million women and children who have to endure the pain of sexual slavery every day while we sat by and do nothing. I knew I could not sit by and do nothing any longer! I knew that the eradication of this unbelievable crime would be my life purpose.

I began to pray and ask God what He would have me do with this new found burning passion for justice and freedom. I went and talked with David Taylor, our campus minister here at Bluefield College, and I shared with him what was going on. Thankfully, he had heard of Human Sex Trafficking before, and he was willing to do anything possible to help end this horrible crime.

I was given the opportunity to share my findings and passion about Human Sex Trafficking with the entire student body in Bluefield College's weekly Convocation service. Many students were moved to action in the same way I had been, and from there we all worked together to from what is now known as Advocating Innocence. Advocating Innocence is an organization through Bluefield College that works to raise awareness and funds for the victims of Human Sex Trafficking.

Through our efforts we have raised over one thousand dollars for the cause and have brought many people to awareness of this devastating crime; however, there is still much to do before Human Sex Trafficking becomes a thing of the past.

I know God placed me at Bluefield College knowing that here I would be given the opportunity to do His work. This is my life's passion and calling, and through my experiences at Bluefield College I now have the support, determination, and resources needed to fulfill this calling!

Class of 2010