A Passion for Learning

When I first stepped foot onto the Bluefield College campus as a freshman three years ago, I had no idea what my future might hold. I had a pretty good idea of what I intended my major to be and how I was going to provide for myself after graduating from college. I was excited about being in school, but I was also nervous because I was not sure what to expect. Throughout high school, I knew I wanted to attend a small college. A large university was intimidating. After visiting Bluefield I knew the atmosphere was the perfect fit.

My first semester was full of challenges. After facing medical adversities and returning to Bluefield after a short stay at home, I felt that God was laying on my heart a change of plans. I changed my major to Psychology, and there could have not been a better fit. I knew that I wanted to work with children, to help and encourage them through challenging times, but at the time I changed my major I was not sure how to reach my goals.

I am grateful for the professors here at Bluefield College. They have truly taken an interest in my life, not only in academics but in my extracurricular activities as well. Because of the strong connection I have built with my professors, my passion for learning has increased. When I came to college I wasn’t sure what to expect in the classroom. Throughout high school I was a good student and did well, but I never pushed myself to become better or to do better. Here at Bluefield I have been encouraged to do my best and to not settle for anything less. The professors want students to succeed and truly will do whatever they can to help you do your best. They have consistently given me advice and opportunities to engage in and observe both clinical and research-based fields, and also opportunities to attend conferences, for example regarding Play Therapy, to enhance my learning and provide me with hands-on experiences to determine if I wanted to pursue the job or career closer.

As a senior, I am amazed at how God has been at work in my life. Leading me to Bluefield, surrounding me with unending encouragement and love from my family and friends, as well as from faculty and staff, and equipping me with the ability to grow and mature through learning and experience. I am excited to move forward and reach my goals of becoming a Child Life Specialist and one day a Clinical Psychologist. Because of the opportunities I have been given here at Bluefield College, my view towards learning has changed. Learning, to me, has become a combined experience that requires hard work and dedication. It is finding something you enjoy and seeking to find out everything you can. Learning is a continuous process that can become fun and enjoyable if you are determined. Even though my major has been challenging, I have enjoyed every minute. The hard work and dedication of my professors has left me feeling prepared as I will soon take another giant leap of faith as I seek to reach my ultimate goals.

Class of 2010