A Passion for Competition

During my first two years here, if someone had asked why I chose Bluefield College to pursue my education, I would have told them, "Because I wanted to play soccer in college and this is the only school among my choices that had a soccer program."

But, in my junior year I had one of the most memorable experiences of my life so far. I was injured and out for the season, so of course I was devastated. Then, one September night I started a personal relationship with God. Ever since then it has been clear to me that God has a purpose for me and that coming to Bluefield is a means to fulfill that purpose.

Therefore, I think of Bluefield College, not only as a place to learn, but as a place to develop as a person and to grow spiritually. From the custodians to the President, the people at Bluefield College are here to serve the students. I don't know how many College presidents have lunch with the students and personally hear the student body, but that is what happens here.

All in all, coming to Bluefield College was one of the best decisions of my life so far. Now when people ask me why I'm here, I say, "To fulfill God's purpose in me."

Class of 2012